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“There’s a $200 billion legal industry at the moment,” Joshua Browder says, “and DoNotPay will hopefully one day make it free for everyone.” He plans to never charge for legal services.

The 21-year-old founder of DoNotPay, who seeks to make the legal system more fair says he taught himself to code by watching YouTube videos. He moved to from Britain to Palo Alto and works out of the same house that Mark Zuckerberg rented during his first summer creating Facebook – and it’s kind of fun to see that mundane yet renowned suburban pile today in this piece by ReasonTV.

DoNotPay’s initial focus has been to fight parking tickets, with a 50% success rate in overturning citations and saving users $16 million in fines over its first three years. The DoNotPay app works by means of a machine-learning chatbox that interviews you in order to create your defense. If you need to appear in court, you’re given a script. Browder envisions a day when robot lawyers will be allowed to defend you in court.

Using software engineering analogies, Browder explains why legal representation should not be an arcane and expensive thing, being that the law is society’s “operating system”. Due to the high fees lawyers command, they’ve had no incentive to innovate, so they’ve kept it that way. He feels it will take technological disruption from outside the legal profession to force them to change.

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  • lawyers first then judges if the judges were computers then the law and penalties would be consistant rather than being influenced by the social standing, education, demure, etc as well as the mental state of the judge at that particular moment did he have a good breakfast, is he race biased
    has he just completed a frustrating decision etc etc hundreds of influencing possible scenarios.
    at least there would be the same penalty for the specified crime—-
    certainly not the way it is at the present time

  • Robots have great purpose on our planet. I don’t think anyone can dispute sending in a robot to disarm a bomb; surveying let’s say a nuclear power plant disaster; a bridge that has collapsed. These are terrific uses for our robot friends. I loved the robot talking to another robot on the phone …. taking care of these endless waits for service from nearly every company one deals with. Laying the groundwork for simple legal situations & solutions. But will further inroads to making our world run on a more level and understandable playing field be tolerated. In this scenario I’m pulling for the robots.

  • Geeee! I wonder WHICH Legal System it will use….VATICAN CANON LAW or COMMON/NATURAL/UNIVERSAL LAW???
    The current legal system are a Bad Joke…Rigged to benefit the GOVERNMENT and the 1%’r’s (Rich folks)…Not to mention the VATICAN.

  • I love this! Warms my heart to see a new generation finding brilliant answers by simplifying the questions! Why would we need lawyers, indeed!
    Michael Mc Kibben might have some good advive for him; he is the inventor of de original FB software. It was stolen from him, and weaponized by the CIA.

    No pay no more!
    God bless these young explorers, amen.

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