Between April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, but mainly identified as occurring on April 24th, state, local, and federal organizations will be conducting Operation Gotham Shield 2017, a drill for a 10,000-ton nuclear bomb being dropped in New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 will be rendered “safe” but one will be a “successful” 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with a smaller detonation along the US/Canadian border, so the drill will extend to that region, as well.

This may seen as distressing because drills for exactly what occurred were taking place during 9/11, Sandy Hook and during the Boston Marathon Bombing. News of this drill is not being reported in the Mainstream Media.

Among the organizations involved are:

– US Department of Energy (DOE)
– US Department of Defense (DOD)
– US Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)
– US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
– US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
– US Northern Command (NORTHCOM)
– State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
– State of New York Office of Emergency Management
– City of New York Office of Emergency Management

Among many others… Operation Gotham Shield will also include the following simultaneous drills and exercises:

– Vital Archer: The annual US Department of Defense (DOD) exercise aligned to the counter-terrorism response operations, including weapons of mass destruction, outside the contiguous United States

– Vibrant Response: US Northern Command’s (USNORTHCOM) annual field training exercise for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive consequence management forces designed to improve their ability to respond to catastrophic incidents

– Fuerzas Amigas: The United States and Mexico’s annual cross-border military operations exercise

– Ardent Sentry: The North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) and USNORTHCOM’s major annual exercise focused on Defense Support of Civil Authorities

– Prominent Hunt: The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) National Technical Nuclear Forensics Ground Collection Task Force’s annual exercise centered on assessing the United States’ capability to collect radioactive evidence in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear detonation

– Staunch Maple: The Canadian Joint Operations Command’s exercise to practice and improve Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to support other government departments and agencies in order to ensure the security and safety of Canada

This information was sourced from the ODD Reality YouTube channel but it has been verified as a real drill in numerous documents published by the agencies involved.

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  • Love you man really got beat up today in Boise at a peace rally or really a rally for science and global action for climate change. “Hey look up! I’m old, I remember a blue sky.” Chemtrails, of course don’t exist. Earthday is Lenin’s birthday Comrade.

    The atomic bomb was originally called the science bomb there’s a solar event that’s already happened that should hit us around the 24th. There ALWAYS seems to be a peace rally before a war. I expect an EMP.

    Brilliant light power company, check out their website maths (Randell L Mills s) not a device, really makes the electric grid obsolete with the new power source. Revolutionary as E= MC Sq. Makes the power grid obsolete.

    Use it or loose it….EMP weapons already in orbit?

    You rock man, especially with DD Dietrich!

  • Think BIG! What’s a couple of nuclear bombs compared with the controlled demolition of three World Trade Centre towers?

    At minimum it’s just a puff or two of radioactive smoke. Take a deep breath and carry on!

    • Sounds like a potential plan–or Russia or China or Iran. TERRORISTS! TERROISTS! Everywhere! It was they who did it! If they’ve no qualms about murdering 3000 in a sacrifice on 9/11 for a monetary agenda, et al they’ll bomb anyone, anywhere for any reason. No one is ever safe while the Deep State/Cable networks and all their tiny, little men are operating.


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