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    Massive New COVID Prison Camp just west of Vanderhoof, BC.

    This looks like it was filmed from the Yellowhead Highway / Trans Canada 16. The electrified fences are heavily festooned with COVID propaganda signs reading, “One is Too Many”, referring to COVID deaths (never mind the more numerous vaxx deaths) and “Don’t Let COVID Follow You In” and “If You’re Reading This, You Should Be Wearing a Mask”. How clever!

    The man filming it says, “Conspiracy theories come true every day in 2020-2021, so if you don’t believe it, wake the F* up!”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The unvaxxed have to avoid the hospital like the plague–they are looking for those bodies. They call anyone who is 14 days after a shot unvaccinated; anyone who, I guess, has only one shot is lumped with the unvaccinated; and now six months after the shot (I think). They have to keep up this pandemic of the unvaccinated thing. They are such thugs, such narcissists too. Rand Paul said to this CDC guy–why don’t you try some persuasion and respect, rather than coercion and intimidation.

    • the COVID op has been wildly successful. The roll-out could not have been executed without the help of our government. I would go so far as to say it was their plan all the way. To expect any help from government to stop this killing spree would be delusional thinking. The best approach is to take control of your health personally. stay out of the hospitals and jab centers. You need a wartime mentality to be prepared for the next phase of their attack on us all.
      Look around you don’t need an invitation to see it do you.

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