This story broke nearly two weeks ago but I’d long since become so resigned to the idea that 9/11 truth would never come out, that I ignored it!

In the biggest 9/11 news since that horrible day, New York’s Southern District Federal Court has agreed to hear grand jury evidence brought on behalf of 9/11 victim family members that three World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon were subject to professional demolitions.

Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth and Barbara Honegger from the Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry join Josh Sigurdson from World Alternative Media (WAM) to describe this breakthrough.

As Honegger says, “The evidence is incontrovertible and that evidence is explicitly detailed and referenced with the evidentiary exhibits themselves and we’re talking about formal studies, we’re talking about academic peer-reviewed papers, we’re talking about videos of the eyewitnesses; these are all amongst the 57 pieces of evidentiary information that are part of the petition.”

We all know the official 9/11 investigation was a whitewash. So, why this? Why now? We’ll have to wait about 18 months to find out!

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  • Well, thank you- I am beginning to understand the evidence for the 9/11 alternative explanation. But like the Kennedy assassination, the links to any actual perpetrators will likely always be denied or never come fully to light. But I hope these tireless heroes will persist. It is incredibly easy to brand anything a conspiracy theory and dispose of it automatically.

  • James, I like that you use your full name and not some “try-to-be-cute” made up Internet name.

    Your writing is well above average for places such as this.

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    • IT SHOULD BE, because it was a “Fraudulent Claim” created by THEM…Only THOSE same “Creatures” Control the Entire System call the “Justice System”…witch Actually should be called the JUST-US System…Unndertsand…YET???

  • Also –
    WTC7 was built on top of a PG&E substation that was too expensive to remove so the structure was simply extra-reinforced in order to protect the substation from any building collapse…

    Think about that.

    I’m not sure why Gage didn’t mention that.

  • Whilst I am glad this has happened, I do not hold my breathe for a positive outcome. This is not the first attempt to shine a spot light on this sorry affair, all the others went the same way as this. Started off with hope and ended with a whimper, disappearing into the sunset and never heard a peep about them ever again. I predict, this effort will go the same way, disappear into the sunset, never to see the light of day again.

  • There is more weird stuff coming out of the Southern District of NY than one can count. I can’t tell if it’s good or bad–but the majority of the weird, controversial cases seem to be out of this court…

  • This is BS , it absolutely was not a controlled demolition, it is a microwave weapon of some kind , they are using it again in CA … the BS wildfires .. is this a MSN smoke n mirrors channel?

    Picked up on the MSN .. that tells you all you need to know , lying Luciferian scum

    • There was more than just one “player” behind 9/11. Joseph P. Farrell proposes an excellent and more viable scenario where the 9/11 perpetrators were actually 3 levels of actors:
      1) “hijackers with boxcutter” scapegoats of the official narrative;
      2) the “inside job” Bush cabal who orchestrated various actions to delay military response and bring down the towers & 7 and destroy the ONI at the Pentagon;
      3) and then there was the Deep State operation that surprised Level 2 with its own hijack of the 9/11 events with threats and coercion of Level 2 players and many other activities on 9/11, including the DEW absolute destruction of the towers and other WTC buildings, etc.

      The AE911Truth movement was infiltrated very early on, the script was written and the platform created to minimize the scope of this A+E group, which posed a huge threat if it embraced comprehensive theories. Gage, who is a good guy committed to implementing the narrative–under threat? to not overwhelm or confuse his platform? to preserve his “role” and job (he no longer really practices architecture)? doesn’t necessarily discount the possibility of DEW but he also doesn’t include in his public discussions any theory but controlled demo. I’ve spoken with him and he understands many people believe BOTH controlled demo (level 2) and DEW (level 3) were likely involved and that confusion and subterfuge were intentional and have been integral to opposition control of truth research.

      It’s a strange but common characteristic of most 9/11 truth researchers to reject other theories but their own or to promote a very narrow interpretation.

    • I AGREE…It was probably a version of the DEW weapons system used by the so-called SECRET Space Program…A Russian “Agent” Actually made That proposal on line about 8 years ago…I could easily spend a HOURS about this matter…ONLY I KNOW I wo’t have to because of WHAT IS “ARRIVING” NOW…Here on this Planet.

  • We really think we are going to topple the criminal control-freaks by playing fair? We already know who did it. Every judge, lawyer and senior policeperson in the Anglosphere should be in court, and made to give back all the money they’ve “earned” in the past 15 years

  • This is OUTSTANDINGLY GOOD NEWS! Now, if the Deep State and pedophile power perverts don’t threaten or kill the grand jury, so we can get a fair review, then these bastards are going down!

    Great Work, lawyers!

  • I believe Barbara was instrumental in exposing the “October Surprise”

    This is apparently a step forward; however, I am very skeptical of the outcome.

  • The FACT that this event won’t actually happen for 18 months says gives the Government criminals yet MORE Time to put the brakes on it, or even Plan something FAR worst to happen BEFORE that date arrives.
    Remember…ONLY A GOVERNMENT CAN CARRY OUT SUCH AN ATTACK OF THAT MAGNITUDE…Yet they trying to say they are going to put the ENTIRE US/Fake Jew/Saudi government on trail???
    The “Closer” that this may NEVER happen was that woman saying the Grand Jury will be hearing ALL of this matter in SECRECY???
    Smells a LOT like “Hopium” to Me.
    Recall to that the “Farm Aid movement which lead up to the creation of NESARA Law made it all the way up to GOVERNMENT…Signed into LAW…was also Stopped in its tracks BEFORE it was to be Announced.
    Again…LOADS of TALK again…with a HOPIUM result…NO ACTION.

  • The evidence was destroyed immediately after the dust cloud bloomed. It was all towed out by barge and dumped into the ocean.
    Pfft. Case closed, it is all hearsay and conjecture without ANY supporting concrete evidence.

  • It is totally inaccurate to say that all of the culprits who participated in the Kennedy Assassination are gone (dead) when the CIA supervisor just died and the man who fired the deadly shot from the grassy knoll remains alive and free!

    J. Edgar Hoover had more than 30 Eye Witnesses killed to cover up the CIA’s plot.

    We need to bring that man who admitted his role in firing a mercury prepared round from a .221 Remington Fireball to justice and allow him to speak the truth!

  • All of this depends of what evidence will be allowed to be presented. And we all have seen how restrictive the courts can be on that. Have hope, for that’s all we have. I still hear that voice saying “PULL IT!” I want that bastard to pay. As well as those imitation Jews that set the fireworks. How many in “our” government have dual citizenship with the US and Israel ? Gee, why should that mater? I have seen so many dirty tricks played on us all. All countries, and the propaganda express(MSM) that spreads the lies, almost all owned by companies out of Israel, and the CIA says what can be said. The New World of disorder is here, and owns everything. And trying to fight them is not going to be easy. May we live long enough to see this come true, please…

  • I can’t tell you how incredibly uplifting this video & news of this announcement is!
    Hopefully at long, long last the curtain to this absolute horror story can be lifted for the entire world to view.
    I pray that all goes well – not sure what the evil behind the scenes is going to figure out for their future…..they probably already have their hidee holes secured…..or NOT!
    Thank you for this……hope for a really Happy New Year for 2019

  • There was a time when I could’ve written a thesis on the events of that infamous day.. But as the years have passed my hope, just like those memories, has faded. This story seems almost too good to be true. Could we be seeing another bout of “hope porn”? Are we patriots being played – yet again – by the very ones we seek to justly imprison? The evidence was taken away (under guard) almost immediately, many witnesses are now gone (can you say “Barry Jennings”?) and few want to revisit that day, so can justice prevail after all this time? I am praying that it will…

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