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If you think the idea of a New World Order is good and will bring us into a new age of safety, technology, strength, and protection you should think again. The NWO is a unification of the top elite. They don’t care about you or me. They are so evil that they care for no one. Even the people that think they got an in with the top elite are wrong. They are being killed with the rest of us. If you are not the several hundred people that are part of the elite then you are screwed. Even the elite are screwed with the direction they are going. They are blocking out the sun with chemicals, genetically modifying fruits, vegetables, and animals; putting toxic chemicals in the water, and banning natural vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and supplements through the UN with Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21

Do you care?

What are you going to do about it?

The time is NOW!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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