I don’t think every episode of infowars is particularly productive but this episode batted 1,000.

In this 6 week-old Alex Jones Show, Jones has the meltdown that we should probably all be having! Everyone who doesn’t get all of their information from the TV news feels a sense of ominous dread. The other shoe’s about to drop.

Is it a massive economic collapse? Is it WW3? Is it a terrorist attack?

With the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), giving the US President dictatorial powers to play the Front Man for the big corporations, who will now rule our world, absolutely and unabated, the future certainly looks quite bleak.

The show also contains continued coverage of the previous month’s Bilderberg Meeting, where we hear a confrontation and see photos of a confrontation between Austrian Infowars reporters Rob Dew, Josh Owens and Paul Joseph Watson

One of the items on the Bilderberg agenda is the ongoing war to end cash by the elite, about which there was recently a large, secret meeting held in London.

Joining the show, to talk about all of this is economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong, who explains that the war on cash is to prevent bank runs, as well as to enable the State to supervise every transaction that you make and a full accounting and extraction of Taxes.

The clarity and simplicity with which Armstrong explains economics is refreshing and educational, in a field that is usually rife with obfuscation.

Armstrong is the subject of a hit documentary, ‘The Forecaster,’ now playing in Europe, which has been blacklisted in the US because of its accurate account of the corruption of the US government and the US financial system.

The film is about the Martin Armstrong’s astoundingly accurate forecasting system, which he developed, called the Economic Confidence Model and about how he was imprisoned for seven years for contempt, for refusing to turn over his model to the CIA and Wall Street. (The VOD is available in the US for $49.95 to rent!)

Armstrong predicts increasing separatism and movements to decentralize all over the place, in response to governments’ becoming increasingly repressive.

Investigative journalist, Jon Rappoport joins the show and gives his in-depth analysis on the Bilderberg Meeting and what the elite are up to and how this will affect you and your family.

This show is as pertinent today as it was 6 weeks ago and is very deserving of your attention.

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