Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas reports that Scott Moe, the Premier of Saskatchewan Province is ending the vaxxine mandates and he is urging Canada’s federal government to do the same.

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  • I am so sick of this covid aka great reset nonsense. But I undertake as a duty to inform people about facts about cheaply, effectively and qucikly curing this so called virus symptoms. Search for c19ivermectin on your search engine. On that website you will find as of right now there are 142 studies. 93 of them are peer reviewed about curing covid19 with ivermectin. These are undeniable evidences. Get your ivermectin before it is too late

  • This is a good example how powerful we can be.
    I’m aware that many of the truckers had at least 1 injection, so the lesson is to wake up faster next time, and continue on fighting so to take all the criminals down.

  • The snowball is rolling down the mountain. It really is heartbreaking to be in the UK and see how the Canadians and Australians have been treated . It’s clearly the true face of commonwealth colonialism. I pray they go for independence , that way they are assured of being two of the richest countries in the world ,even richer with their cultural roots. I hope Nigeria and other s do the same. A colony is a place where slaves are sent to work….and die…to promote new wealth for the empire. This wombat pox clearly shows that London’s attitude to commonwealth countries is one of an abusive empire , no different than concentration camps in Kenya during the ‘ mau mau’ emergency , which was not an emergency but a war , a racist campaign to prevent Kenyan independance.
    God bless you truckers,and us all.
    Canada an Oz will be even more beautiful and richer once they dump the vampire UK royalist occupiers.

  • She’s doing a good job, just everyone should know

    Leah Dundas is a registered and known Scientologist. That’s all.

  • Governments cannot mandate anything, simply because a mandate is an offer to contract from a group (in this instance, the public) to a service provider, for a specific purpose.
    Government “mandates” are a reversal of this process, the cart being put, in the governmental instance, well before the horse.
    A mandate, in practice-according to Black’s Law Dictionary-a judicial order-and it is well advised for everyone to consult this dictionary for the actual LEGAL meaning of the words politicians and LEGAL eagles use, as one single word can have highly significant outcomes.
    The US Government is contracted to provide 19 enumerated services, and is thus a service provider, not the people’s master; however, with the legal chicanery these service providers have employed, over decades, this has actually become the case.
    A US CITIZEN is subject to all the legislation and statutes-millions of the latter-because of their citizen status-a citizen has no rights, only privileges, and the latter can be granted and withdrawn at the stoke of a pen.

  • God bless those truckers and all the supporters from around the world. In the end we will win. An historic and good start. Thanks for the updates Alexandra!


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