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I’ll admit it. I’ve been experiencing the protest vote syndrome that I’ll call “Trumpmania”.

This John Oliver piece has completely unraveled it for me, even though I sincerely don’t think that anyone else currently running for President is any better-suited for the job.

We are truly up the creek, “folks” (to use an Obama-ism). I can only take some sort of cynical comfort in what has become increasingly manifest, with each ensuing US Presidency: that it doesn’t actually matter who becomes President. Recent US Presidents have proven that there is actually no such thing as the POTUS, anymore. (One wonders if there were ever such a thing).

Whichever criminal factions of the Deep State, who happen to have the upper hand at any given time are the ones who really call the shots.

Like pretty much everyone else, I am at the point of despising pretty much any and all politicians. So, despite having frequently witnessed Trump (and the thing that died on top of his head), for years out on the town late at night, when I was directing music videos and the scene was my office – there he was, overconfidently trolling for chicken like a horse’s ass, pre-Marla Maples (or during – I’m not sure). Having lived almost my entire adult life in the same city where this blowhard always got way too much press – I was shocked to have found myself actually growing to like him.

THAT’s how rotten and disgusting everybody else in this government business is!

Unlike them, his disjointed, politically-incorrect and often humorous outbursts really did sound like he was telling the truth – certainly, as compared to the patently fake, robotoid bloviations of his Republican and Democrat counterparts.

But what else to expect from this raw human id with legs, who has all the money in the world to get a decent toupee (or to accept his baldness, like a man) – and he can’t even get that sorted? If this guy can’t manage his own hair, with a budget like that, what the Hell is he going to do to the planet, let alone the country?

That said, I’ll still vote for him, in protest against the entire political class of the US – but I’ll let John Oliver and his excellent team of writers break down the “truthiness” of Trump – or should I say “Drumpf”?

Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am a Canadian and I do appreciate what The Donald is doing – The elite are scared out of the pants – and so they should be – they have screwed the middle class and they know it – would like to see a ticket with The Donald and The Cruise – what a team to get America Great Again – the reason I am so interested in this is “how the US goes is how Canada goes – and I believe in the Trump.

  • I knew before I watched this that the man is flawed Alexandra, some of what he says is disgusting, but I have to wonder if this is just more of what we expect from the totally owned mass media. The more they hate him and attack him the more I think there may be more to him than we know. The establishment bias shows through in such statements as “he points out the links between autism and vaccines” with which I agree. Like Gwennythe says above, you know very well Mr. Oliver won’t be telling us about the millions Ms. Clinton made from Monsanto pushing GMOs while Secretary of State, etc. I’d throw my protest vote away on Gary Johnson except that with all his flaws Mr. Trump is a very real possibility compared to phony Goldman Sachs protege Ted Cruz, or the NWO puppet Rubio, or please God forbid, Ms. Clinton. I’m sure this little presentation will discourage many votes for Mr. Trump, not that I have very high expectations for a Trump Presidency, but really, Hillary?

  • What a rendition!! I pray that his popularity will spin off to nothingness. He is a simple man mentally and otherwise, regardless of his success. I did not think nor want him to have gone that far in this campaign. I definitely don’t want him as the President of the United States of America.

  • Oliver, I’ve always admired your shows but I don’t understand why Americans (and Englishmen) like to put down a winner. Are you guys jealous that he’s turned to be a runaway success or all you all paid by the establishment/forces that be to do so? I admit he has so far not spoken about his policies but I believe he will make America great again

  • John John: Sorry to bring this up, but spelling weak as “week” is weak.

    Perdita: I respect that you’re not into politics, but trust me; Politics is into you. I’m totally with you though, I can’t even think of voting for Drumph without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

  • The one statement that resounded in a moment of truth, was when Oliver spoke of the man from the future who would like to go back and stop the Circus from opening. Sort of like going back to Germany before Hitler.

  • I thought John Oliver was above this.
    While his presentation was humorous and Americans are accustomed to ‘taking it on the cheek’ and laughing about the absurdities if American life, I do wonder just how much of American life this British immigrant truly understands. II will be interesting to see if he (using the so-called ”fair and balanced’ modality) presents a show on Hillery, her deceitful lies and the bodies left in the Clinton’s wake.

  • maybe he wants more of the same, obamam and such or isn’t smart enough to know what is wrong with this country? there will not be a new pres. either way it won’t matter…

  • I’m surprised that this little English wanker found it so easy to change your mind about Trump. Have you gone back to sleep or what. When do you think this guy will dig out Hillary’s dirt, or a few jokes about Bubble Boy, or Cruz not being eligible, or old Bern passing his formative years in Israel working in a Bolshevik Communist Kibbutz. Have faith in a non Politician he might just pull it off.

  • Every circus has to have a clown!
    Every four years we have a Presidential Soap Opera having one group rooting for their candidate and demonizing the other and in between are the lesser contenders that add to the drama. It is such a show where the fake news media adds to the fire with insults and interpretations to up their ratings. When you take a step back and see what it is going on and how emotionally involved the public is and how they are played it is comical at times and sad to see how people get caught up in the game. And it is a game because it DOES NOT MATTER who wins the agenda will be the same because the Master is in control of all the board and plays both sides. It is a theatre to take the attention of the people away from issues that really matter.
    Donald Trump’s antics are just a distraction that is enraging and dividing the American public. It is a tool use to ramp up the illegal votes and put Hillary in command. It is Controlled Opposition.

  • By the way : who is this strange, week, arrogant and uninformed presentator?
    And why he pay so much for the clapping people

  • I’m not into politics because, I see politics as entertainment of the extreme; dividing people instead uniting. I would not vote for Trump.

  • I’m not crazy about this piece…only because I like the FACT that Trump has obviously gotten the PTB’s panties in a wad! I like seeing the absolute craziness going on in the political arena! I’m sure this is all temporary. There is a major scramble to discredit Trump, organize the “party” and find loopholes or change the rules to endorse another candidate (the “White Horse”)…or plan his demise..

    Speaking for all those in the “know” regarding the PTB/cabal and this twisted political system…just give us a chance to savor this moment of chaos and watch how all this unfolds! Maybe the supposedly “inevitable ending” will be postponed or in some way altered to our benefit!

  • After President Obama leaves, (the only read statesman in most of our lifetimes), we should turn the White House into a museum. Perhaps it is time for us all to focus on this: “The only real politics is local politics. ”
    If this culture is to E-VOLVE, those who want to get IN-VOLVED should actually PARTICIPATE as citizens, know who our public officials are before we elects them, attend our local city council meetings, read the legal publications in what is left of our newspapers and begin dialogues with our neighbors on our city streets.

  • I see the Hollywood Jews are frightened and attacking Donald Trump again!
    Come on forbidden knowledge, why are you showing this crap? Are you an Israeli asset? A part of the World Wide Khazarian Mafia?
    Forbidden Knowledge used to present some decent video’s! Since you have remodeled your web site I noticed you have changed your venue and I am wondering if FKTV has changed hands? You are now featuring people like Dr. Greer who doesn’t miss a chance to promote the holohoax myth or blaming his ex wife for his failures in his lectures(typical Jew)!
    Come on FKTV let’s get back to more factual and entertaining video’s!

  • Donald Trump is the only hope the USA has.
    Hillary is a criminal with a criminal husband to help her attain the One World Government or New world Order (same thing) Hillary will surely bring the USA to her knees. Donald took 1M and turned it into several Billion (with a B) so he has good business sense, we need that for sure. He has attitude yes, do you want a man or a mouse to lead the USA BACK to the greatest nation on earth., or will you let Hillary put us all in the toilet? Please everyone, understand this, Donald is not beholding to any special interest groups like the others are. He truly loves this country. I just hope he doesn’t have an “accident” before the election.

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