There has apparently been an enormous release of a massive Plutonium 239 “death plume” from a nuclear site near Carlsbad, New Mexico, which began on Friday night or early Saturday.

The EPA’s RADNet site displays the nationwide RadNet system, which monitors the nation’s air, drinking water, precipitation, and pasteurized milk to determine levels of radiation in the environment.

YouTuber DAHBOO7 claims that suddenly, the RADNet site was taken down, without warning this past Saturday, with the EPA’s radiation detectors, all being shut down, nationwide, allegedly for “maintenance”. At the time he posted this video, the site was not back up and running by the time promised – but it is now – and as he predicted, everything is looking ‘peachy’, according to the RADBet site (the same way the EPA told me over the phone in early October 2001, that asbestos levels and other carcinogens in the air were safe, one block and two weeks after the demolition of the WTC, and that it would be fine for me go to my apartment to move my furniture and everything out. Thank God, I didn’t have to stay and work in the neighborhood everyday…and that my lease was conveniently up on October 31st, 2001!)

DHBOO7 says, what this means is that by now, this death plume has been carried by winds across the US in into the Northeast but that this will have conveniently escaped any monitoring – however, he says the State of New Mexico is offering free radiological body scans for all Residents of the Carlsbad area. This may be yet another thing to keep our eyes on…

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