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Linda Tripp, secretly recorded telephone calls from Monica Lewinsky regarding her meetings with Bill Clinton. At the time, Tripp knew of yet another White House staffer who was having an affair with Clinton.

Tripp says, “I watched a lying president and a lying first lady present falsehoods to the American people. So my dismay predated the January 1998 period when the Monica Lewinsky scandal surfaced. To me, it was very important that the American people see what I was seeing. My years with the Clintons were so disturbing, on so many levels.”

Tripp says that Hillary Clinton viciously targeted Bill’s women accusers.

When the Lewinsky episode became public knowledge, Tripp said she feared for both her life and for Lewinsky’s.

“I say today and I will continue to say that I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took. That may sound melodramatic to your listeners. I can only say that from my perspective I believe that she and I at the time were in danger, because nothing stands in the way of these people achieving their political ends,” she said. “I think that had it not become public when it did, particularly in light of the Paula Jones lawsuit, which was coming to a head with President Clinton’s deposition, that we may well have met with, um…an accident. It’s a situation, where unless you lived it as I did, you would have no real framework of reference for this sort of situation.”

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  • I wonder if Linda, having a front row seat to the Criminalinton sexual escapades show could confirm or deny my personal “conspiracy theory” that Hilly was bullfrogging Ambassador Chris Stevens in the Oral Office before, during or after her husband wasn’t having sexual relations with that woman under his desk, “Miss Lewinsky?” Just curious because that is what I believe may also have been purged from her private server among so many other less than fedgov approved communications

  • It would be very helpful to know the duration of this audio before committing to listening. I couldn’t find this information anywhere.

  • To this Chosura and Simin either you are paid by the government to make your comments or you are too ignorant to comment on this subject matter. Monsters like the Clintons are the norms in this government today. Can’t you see that no one is ever punished for the most blatant crimes committed against the American public. 911 is just a well known example. I have been black listed by this government for forty years and there is not one person in this nation, to include News papers that will even look at my case.

    When you get a government position, you are a member of the modern Mob. All of this discussion will not bring back the citizens that have been murdered by the Clintons; but you may yet have the chance to continue protecting them when you get you chance to become a Clinton victim.

    Hillary will be you next president, then you will have a chance to attack some more of her victims.

  • Talk about vicious women. And it sure is NOT Hillary Clinton who seems to have rather graciously let it all go. And I suspect that was not easy, considering. How about a little responsibility here for the many women who tried to take over someone else’s relationship? Predators for sure.

    You’d think Tripp would want to put this behind her – a LONG time ago – and especially IF she was being honest when she said that she feels and then felt so terribly threatened. She’s projecting. Did this radio talk show host initiate this interview or is Tripp banging out more publicity for herself? . Either way it is deplorable and pathetic!

    Benghazi? Unbelievable! Disturbing. Unpatriotic!

    Linda Tripp is disturbed!

  • Sorry, but I don,t get it !!! why in every scandal they start talking after many years and so many changes and happening ???
    After many years they are showing evidences of 9/11 and who are responsible?
    And now what is Mr & Mrs Clinton did in 19…!!! or even women were rapped by an actor Bill Cosby in 30 years ago (now he is in his 90,s) !!
    God knows how many incidents around the world changed our life that no body talked at the time!
    If these people are really concerned about why they don’t talk when they might be helping to avoid the consequences !!! why they keep silent until years after and many events changed our life ???
    This is not about the movie ( I know what you did last summer )!!! this is a real life !!! although all of these are another Hollywood scenario 🙂

  • See Kathy O’Brien discuss Hillary helping mutilate her private parts. Kathy was a white house sex slave. Her book Trance-formation of America is must read. You can find her on youtube.

  • The Clintons have been – and Hillary continues to be – totally controlled by AIPAC, so I don’t see how an anti-Clinton story would be suspect, just because it’s published on WND.

    It actually smacks of a very Neocon report, to me.

    I published it because I always hated Linda Tripp but I’d never considered this side of the story. Plus, years of having Hillary as my Senator and later, Secretary of State have shown me that she may as well be a member of the IDF.

  • Great show all true regardless of Zionist claims made about WND. I got my Masters at the University of Arkansas during 1978-1980 and lived in Little Rock from 1976-1980. I knew prominent figures in the Democratic party who dominated the Arkansas landscape. It was common knowledge if you weren’t an “FOB” friend of Bill’s you were an outsider. His sexual appetite ws a known fact and his relationship with Hillary was contrived for political purposes. I thought they had an “open” relationship. For lack of a better term without reveling any names his bodyguard/protégé acted as a wingman procuring women to satisfy his sexual appetite. Hilary was known to protect Bill to the highest degree and it is fact that several suspicious deaths were documented in Arkansas even during their early political posturing. Everyone feared her!

  • There is soooo much dirt thrown on many graves by the clintons and their handleres
    The Clinton Corpses
    Clinton Corpse Collection
    This is just the short list, The long list will blow your socks and jocks off.

    I’ve investigated a lot of crimes over the last 32 years, including murders. Any criminal investigator with the slightest bit of experience and training could easily see (and most have seen) the many flaws, holes and gaps in the so-called Vince Foster “murder” investigation by, of all the fede…ral law enforcement agencies, the Park Police. But, when one does a little more checking into the past of Bill and Hillary Clinton, they will find a long path of former friends, associates and business partners of the Clinton’s who have died young and under mysterious circumstances. The following is a partial list of those whose blood cries out for justice. ….

  • Why isn’t anyone showing the Jerome Corsi 2008 interviews with Hillary’s campaign staff member and supporter. Or at least try to make Trump aware of them. I think id people knew of them, its game over for her and Mr. Bill.

  • ‘It’s a situation, where unless you lived it as I did, you would have no real framework of reference for this sort of situation.” Let me help you out, when you are targeted by other who are in power, you have two choices stay and fight the good fight which will end in your death or confinement, or you can get the hell out of Dodge.

  • Any article or video with WND on it is suspect in my mind as WND is a Zionist entity which is pro Israel and puts Israel first and the USA second.
    WND is an Israeli asset to say the least. 🙁

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