Lil Peep died last night. Until then, his star was said to be on a meteoric rise despite the fact that he was actively dying in front everyone’s eyes the whole time. His act had a narcotic effect on tens of millions on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook. The trendy pop music magazine, Pitchfork called him a “fresh-faced avatar of post-emo angst that’s not quite rap or rock.” Going forward, he will probably be the poster child for the opioid crisis, prescription drug abuse and the insuperable curse of addiction.

It used to be that pop musicians could get in at least a couple of productive years before succumbing to their demons but Lil Peep’s public self-destruction was his art.

Everyone around him enabled him, even his fans. As news of his death broke, one posted: “Lil peep challenged the stigma around mental health, LGBT issues, gender roles, addiction…let’s please make this about celebrating the amazing things he’s done in his short life instead of writing him off as another pill popping rapper.”

Yes. Lil Peep was far more than his drug addictions but he never overcame them. Sadly, his life’s message and what he came to embody was the destructive power of prescription drugs.

(This video contains profanity).

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  • “…let’s please make this about celebrating the amazing things he’s done “….
    Wait,what??? That’s about as scary as this video and all its left hand creativity. Really the powers that were are failing at a much faster rate when this garbage is all they can put out.

    These” people” choose the side they are on. Better to just ignore them and spend energy on the those who celebrate life and not sell out to destroy it.

  • “Man is condemned to be free, because once thrown into the World….He is responsible for everything He does”…..Jean-Paul Sartre….

  • I read about this yesterday and truth be told, I had never heard of this young man. SO I went to Youtube and scrolled through a few of his videos and happened upon this very one. I never even made it all the way through it. Why, you might ask? Two reasons. One was the overt Satanic imagery constantly flashing in the background and the other was the sadness of how pathetic this young mans life appeared to me.

    Is this really who we want our children “looking up” to? Our society is enamored to the point of “overkill” with the notion of Death and Dying. This boy looked seriously unwell in every frame of that video. In the back of my mind I was thinking…”How about that. A Neo Nazi replacement for Sid & Nancy for this generation.”

    It is sad to see anyone this young succumb to an opioid addiction, presumably due to this insane world we currently co-habitate together in, societal pressures on our youth, parents who never grew up themselves and cannot parent properly, parents drowning in debt because they bought into the “beat the Jones” materialistic, workaholic mentality while leaving the kids to fend for themselves for far too long… and now, now we get to pay the price. Except it IS our youth that are paying the greatest price. And DEATH is the outcome.

    And that is not a prescription I would want written for any child or young adult.

  • Let us not forget the tender infant that entered our world through the same portal as all of us, innocent, trusting, dependent, needing love and nurturing not only in the form of his mother’s milk, but also in that of words of wisdom, preparing that potentially glorious individual to serve others as he was served.

    Personally Lil Peep is no more grotesque that some of the he-man monsters offered as role models in the visual media.

    It’s always a sad moment when any confused young man or woman is launched into the unknown without ever receiving proper instructions. I should think all of us search for meaning and purpose and having not found it are easily led into despair and despondency, for we are designed for true greatness. We have that ability, but without proper guidance we also posses the ability to destroy ourselves in hideous ways. .

    • His mother was a school teacher, his father was a professor at Hofstra University and his grandfather was a professor at Harvard. His father left home when he was 14. He was very close to his mother, whom he called his “best friend.” I’ve heard it said that children don’t need their parents to be their friends.

  • Oh yeah! A drugged up, tatted-up , even on his “crybaby”
    face, and “daddy” on his chest, upside-down cross wearing, Satanist emulating, pushing homo-lifestyle, making depression & suicide appear the way to go. Don’t resist, just numb yourselves. For ex. “The Brightside,” with a hook that goes from “Everybody telling me life’s short, but I wanna die,” to its inevitably maudlin resolution: “Now I’m getting high again, tonight.” This is what the social engineers are promoting as role models for young men. His meteroric, out of nowhere fame was not due to his talent and work ethic, but detailed and very calculated promotion.
    Social engineering is real. No one, absoutely no one, shoots to meteroric fame in the music industry w/o passing muster with the evil Satanist top-level music mogels today. NOBODY. It’s been going on since the 60’s. From the manufacturing of the Dead Head, where all band members were connected with central intelligence, to Miley Cyrus, the all American Disney girl next door, leading a generation of young girls, is now showing 17 million people her hand-shaped fisting dildo.
    The social engineers promote all manner of filth & degradation as romantic. At one time black male musicians sang sweet love songs to their women. Now they call them bitches and hos. And is it any wonder the women act like bitches & hos, even teaching young girls to twerk? I don’t feel sorry for this man. For fame & money, he was willing to help degrade & zombify his generation and lead them off a cliff. Even his name, “Lill Peep” signifies
    he was small-fry helpless to do anything. Did he sing lyrics with calls to resist the New World Order? No, just more angst and self-centered depression, keeping young people frozen in arrested development and dumbed down awareness. Just get lost in narcotics, that’s the answer. Mary had a little peep, who followed her just like a defenceless little lamb everywhere she went. The Illuminati might have even killed him, to create an air of romanticism, as record sales always spike after a famous musician’s death. Rest assured, they have many more MK Ultraed “stars” waiting back stage to hypnotize the unsuspecting youth.

    • Allison, you nailed it.

      We all have some degree of neurosis, stacking up as our Shadow self, a component of our psyche where our own creative energies have been turned against us creating a blockage, cognitive dissonance, malware interference. It is an element of self-loathing, and rooting it out is the Great Work on the personal level.
      Back in the 60’s when the Man called us “freaks,” we embraced that term and turned it against the System with pride. There were even “shamanic” heroes like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, who downloaded gnosis and were burned up in sacrifice by being the channels. But they had moments of apotheosis.
      Now I see poor beings like this child-man who has been so inverted and convoluted by the ongoing Tavistock type psyops into becoming a self-hating mockery of self. I can even see however how a soul who got trapped within that programmed destruction mode will see his dilemma and opt to play that out and end it all, just to get free at last from the prison he was put into.
      These are dire times with the Old Cycle skeletons tumbling out of the closet in all their putrescence. We are composting the Winter Wood of the gnarled dying sociopathic Empires, and vessels like Little Peep are the faggots heaped on the bonfires. May their sacrifice serve a purpose, even if it is nausea that wakes fence sitters up.

    • How do you pronounce that ? Little pee-pee ? Maybe now that he is on the other side, he can learn something useful if he ever gets the chance to incarnate in a human body again. Watch out for those Rathful Deities, Little Peep, they will drag you down to hell with them.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this most sobering, raw and glaringly honest response. I could not agree with you more. Well said.


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