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Life, Intimacy and Hormones

Don’t miss this interview, because it is about your own health and happiness and about how to thrive in the face of a historical onslaught of debilitating environmental toxins.

I’m joined again by Dr. Nick Delgado, an anti-aging specialist, whose actual goal is to achieve immortality.

Of course, he’s quite conscious that this may not happen – but his goal remains, in order to strive for maximum results. As he famously says, he hopes (at the very least) that he might die, while having sex on his 130th birthday (!)

With this personal goal in mind, Dr. Delgado has developed a revolutionary line of organic, plant-based (phytochemical) line of nutriceuticals, which promote overall health, by scavenging and eliminating the environmental toxins present in our everyday diets and atmosphere, while also providing excellent longevity-supporting nutrition, not generally available in a normal diet.

It’s arguable that the chief catalyst of aging is the decline in the production of certain hormones, particularly, testosterone in men and both testosterone and estrogen in women.

Little-known is that many men today in their 50s have higher levels of estrogen than women in their early 20s, due to the uptake of estrogen-mimicking enviro-toxins (i.e., “xenoestrogens”) in our food, water and air.

The ingestion of these unhealthy, estrogen-mimicking compounds can often lead to conditions in men, like gynecomastia (“man boobs”) – or worse, prostate cancer, etc. In women, these enviro-toxins have been linked to the increasingly common cases of breast and ovarian cancers that we see.

These cancers are ravaging the lives of one out of every 2.5 Americans and they’re afflicting their loved ones horribly, as well, as I can personally attest.

There are several metabolites of both testosterone and estrogen. Some of these support health and longevity, while others (such as those found in petrochemicals, which include plastics) are very harmful and may be blamed for the rise of cancers over the past half century, leading to blood levels of these metabolites which have been previously uncharted.

Hormones are responsible for so much in the development and maintenance of the health of the human organism, including general mood and behavior.

I bring up a question, here to Dr. Delgado about the “snowflake” phenomenon and how perhaps the vaunted “crybaby” behavior of many Millennials, in the aftermath of the US Presidential election, for example may be related to this generation’s unprecedented exposure to 150,000 environmental toxins, which did not even exist 100 years ago (not that we’re not all being exposed to these – but perhaps not as severely during the developmental phases of our physical development).

Dr. Delgado proceeds to school us on the full gamut of the role of estrogens and sexual health and, “How we can fight cancer, we can fight heart disease, we can fight diabetes, we can overcome these diseases…17 of the leading killers can be completely reversed.”

For optimal health, one must protect against these toxic xenoestrogens and with advancing age, it does not suffice to forestall accelerated aging solely with bio-identical hormones (derived from Mexican wild yams) but one must also use phytonutrients, to cleanse and block the uptake of these toxic xenoestrogens that are in our food, water and air.

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