Last week, we talked about these viral videos about Project Looking Glass, that were talking about a major terror attack supposed to occur in New York City next Monday, on April 18th that needed to be prevented in order to put us on a timeline that does not catapult us into a massive nuclear exchange with Russia.

Since then, there was a “manhole cover explosion” in Times Square on Sunday that caused hundreds of panicked people to run away.

And then, of course on Tuesday, there was the biggest mass shooting in the New York Subway’s history in Brooklyn.

The shooter, Black supremacist, Frank James managed to escape and it was he who called the NYPD the next day to come pick him up in the East Village.

The “suspect” just happens to drop his credit card, his U-Haul key, and his backpack before fleeing from cameras that WERE able to observe him – but we’re told were “turned off”?

The shooter was known to FBI and had been removed from their watch list. The MTA cameras weren’t working on subway platform, and apparently the thousands of cameras deployed in and around New York City couldn’t track his movements like they do everyone else’s.

It seems the FBI was too busy entrapping autistic Michiganders in a fake kidnapping plot and hunting down grandmas who took selfies at the Capitol on January 6th.

There’s clearly something amiss, here. One security expert told me it looked like a “probe”.

The question remains, was it a probe for this supposed April 18th attack or has that now been avoided?

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  • Speaking of staged events, how about a fresh look at “the big one”:

    Remember all the coincidences between JFK and Abraham Lincoln? And how Disney unveiled a President Lincoln Animatron at the 1964 NY World’s Fair? A lot of people who toured the exhibit reportedly believed the ultra-life-like President Lincoln Animatron was an actual human, a costumed actor.

    Later that same year, JFK’s main squeeze, Mary Meyer, was allegedly gunned down in a random – and reportedly bloodless – shooting. What do we think the odds are of that first-reported-by-the-CIA event not having been staged?

    Okay, so we know that the four highly-experienced 9/11 airline pilots were not cowardly idiots who gave up their aircraft to numbnuts without a fight and without entering the “hijacking in progress” transponder code as the Bush Administration would have everyone believe, but high-IQ, battle-tested Kennedy supposedly was stupid enough to be driven slowly through enemy territory (seriously “right wing” Dallas before the term “right wing” was redefined to include nearly all adult Americans), unprotected from everybody (insert The Usual Suspects here) he had pissed off as President. I don’t believe John Kennedy was in that car and that possibility sheds new light on what was so important about retrieving the chunk of “skull” that soon-to-be-fabulously-wealthy Jackie Kennedy would decide to take her life in her hands and crawl out onto the trunk of the limousine while BULLETS ARE POSSIBLY STILL BEING FIRED ALL OVER THE PLACE.

    The only thing that makes sense (now that we know that they LITERALLY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING) is that JFK got a “retirement offer” that he couldn’t refuse, he was replaced by an Animatron programmed to act Presidential and then die.

    Less than a year later Mary Meyer (who reportedly did not show much emotion upon learning that her lover had been killed) joined him after being replaced by her own (bloodless but dead) Animatron, and they’ve been living in Antarctica (shielded from the aging-inducing radiation of the sun) ever since.

    For more whack ideas look up (and vote for) alanforcongress

  • The red hoodie “director” also had a blood bag. She is dumping it as she gets off the train and then sets it down next to her.

  • Red shirt was directing at the capital also…check it out. Also the guy with the black backpack was at the capital. They have blood packs in their bags…

  • Very interesting. We know that the elites like to “play act” out events before the real thing (Event 201). I am praying that we have averted what the Looking Glass people saw for April 18, 2022. We will know soon enough.

  • I’m 70 so I’m not a Sniper any more, but I am still proficient with a handgun, especially at the nearly point-blank range of a subway car, and I’ve done my share of handgun shooting so I feel qualified to comment.
    Let’s talk for a moment about Odds. The odds of me rapid-firing allegedly 33 shots with a 9mm Glock in poor visibility and having to change magazines at least once, and nobody being mortally wounded are about the same as the odds of the 2020 Election not being stolen.
    I couldn’t guarantee no fatalities even if I was trying, and as many of the “victims” experienced “leg wounds”, the odds of no-one bleeding-out within 5 minutes from a hit to the leg’s femoral artery drops the odds of probability even farther that no one was fatally wounded. And, let’s not forget the coincidence of the sudden failure of the security cameras.
    Mr. Frank James (no relation to Jessie) decided that he’d had enough and called the police the next day to peacefully (and safely) surrender!
    Conclusion: “President” Biden and Mayor Eric Adams stood to both benefit Politically from a bit of ultimately-harmless “Ghost Gun” drama.
    What I cannot speculate upon is how much Mr. James benefited financially. Ironically, this brings to mind another high-profile yet senseless Political shooting involving a Black shooter at the Capitol.

    • Camera problems are the key. It happens every time. Pentagon plane and Epstein just to name a few. I also noticed that nobody ran off the train and kept running away from the gunman. They all just congregated right there. That’s very odd. God bless to all my flag loving brothers and sisters. Those who still know what the American flag stands for.

    • You had me until you started talking about the Election being Stolen….
      And “ANOTHER” Black shooter at the Capitol”???
      Elaborate Please….

  • With photography, there can’t be any evidence discrepancies. If I was just gassed and shot at, leaving the area would be at the top of my do list.

    • Amateur bad crisis actors. I see it all the time in these botched events.
      Police rushing to the event, whatever that one is, yet their bodies are leisurely striding…bored crisis actors , hugging, holding their phones in their hand,while hugging…and looking toward camera…

      I have acted for real, got paid for it. So looking at the amateurish set up feels almost painful. It is good that others see it too. So many are brainwashed, thinking the Star Wars are real , and the people really live, so good to see many patriots wide eyed and helping others see what I see.

  • Dude, you are deranged. It would help if you talked to a doctor. Really. And the woman with the brown bag was probably faking it to get some advantages of being a victim. If someone staged this, they wouldn’t use a bag of blood. They would have bags of blood stripped to their bodies, under their clothes. This video of yours is BS.

    • Satriana, ‘Laurel Canyon’ was a secret Production Studio built for Dept. of Defense in 1947. It was used as an MK Ultra against Society to control the youth. The studio was used heavily during the Vietnam Era. Jim Morrison’s father was Steven Morrison, a high ranking Naval officer that was part of the ‘Golf of Tonkin’ that started the Vietnam War. Other famous musicians and movie stars signed non-disclosure contracts.
      Charles Manson lived on one of the movie sets and Sharon Tate was married to Producer Roman Polanski. After filming the alleged crime Roman and Sharon moved to London.
      ‘Laurel Canyon’ recently sold for 5 million dollars to film maker/actor Jared Leto.

  • My understanding is the foiled attack of the 18th of April; was intended to be the Russian Tear Drop Memorial! Primed with an EMF device intended; to kill thousands within a ten-mile radius using their mobile devices.
    It was defused by OFOT, thankfully!

    • The story I get from “Through the Looking Glass” and others is that a “suitcase”-type 5-megaton tactical nuclear weapon is to be detonated in NYC on April 18, 2022 and ultimately blamed on Putin.
      As April 18th is my 70th Birthday and I live in Texas, I wouldn’t be adverse to a bit of Birthday entertainment. Being 70 is terminally boring, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • I have known for a long time, since way before the scamdemic BS 2+ years ago what the nwo has in mind for the US. They want to make the US into a duplicate of what is happening in Britain. No real leadership (no kings there), no privacy, no freedoms, and add a thorough mix of 3rd world illegal immigrants they are now shoving down Americas throat and it is plain to see. I actually saw a title of a TV program here in the US on SpectrumTV that was called “Do we really need a president?”!!!. no I did not watch it

    Australia is a testing ground for dictatorship as is Canada. I’ve known this for years. Remember the G5 summit? That was a taste of what they desire here in the US, the last bastion of freedom in the west. Putin specifically declined the “vaccines” LIES and this is why they hate him so much. He is a GIANT thorn in the ass of the nwo’s plans.

    Years ago when the Bush admin was pretending that they were in disagreement with Britain I knew then they were lying and they were actually in bed together. How could you not? The bush family is as corrupt as are the biden’s, the clinton’s, and the obama’s.

    Politically speaking they want the US to be a vassel of britain. This is also why you are seeing more and more british tv content as well as british newscasters. They are trying to move in without permission. If there is one thing i find boring and revolting all at the same time it’s british shit tv. Their movies suck, their cartoons suck, and their tv nasal whining accents SUCK. Game of thrones can blow me as can the hunger games, BOTH BBC dogshit.

    The saudi’s are, I believe, at the heart of a lot of the general corruption. They OWN twitter for one thing. That tells you all you need to know about “social” media and it’s proclivity for pedophlia, slavery (blm), and transexuals. If any islamic saudis read this. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! and your hatred for God and Christianity. We WILL crush you faggots under our feet!


  • Tons of these. Like Sandy Hook where EVERY single gunshot victim was killed. Very clean, no need for ambulances as everyone was already dead; don’t even need to check. A surviving kid isn’t likely to keep a secret, and all the actors get piles of money sent their way due to their anguish, as Wayne Carver giggles about autopsies.

    • that’s what I saw. The evac of 600 kids as not shown by the two copcar cams showing two directions in the parking lot, and I got dubbed the CT king by the morepracvtical minded in my then circle…today, they ALL maintain that opinion…dang!

  • They use Chinese directors and Hispanic actors to try to confuse the semi-awake from realizing it is ALL a JEWISH production, just like Jewish Hollywood. Right controlled opposition Jew run Forbidden Jewledge TV

  • “33” MASONIC shots fired. At JUDEO “36”th Street.
    The symbolic calling cards highlighting the fakery to those in the know.

  • Reminds me of the Staged Russia war with Ukraine. Zelenski always surrounded by his Production Studio Team. More professional, of course, when your producing a War! Even ‘The Duran’ journalist that have been reporting on a daily bases are now trying to figure this out, took them up until recently to admit there something not quite right….

    • Two of Zelensky’s film production team, Serhiy Shefir, and Ivan Bakanov serve in powerful positions in his administration, top presidential aid, and head of Security Service, respectively.

      And, ironically, after playing the starring role in the political satire “Servant of the People,” which aired in 2015, he became a “real” (wink-wink) president of Ukraine still playing a starring role. (see Pandora Papers)


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