Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar advocated for the “dismantling” of the US economy and its political system during a speech on Tuesday. She said, “We cannot stop at [the] criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

And this is what passes for the Democrat platform, rather than a violation of her oath of office.

Only in America can a refugee from a war-torn, failed state marry her brother, commit campaign fraud, get elected, divert funds to the guy she’s cheating with, while they’re each married to other people – and then accuse an entire country of being full of racist bigots, in need of being completely dismantled, all while skating free on her many felonies.

On Sunday, Joe Biden signaled that he’s on board for this, too when he tweeted that “we” will beat Donald Trump and when “we” do, “we’ll transform it.”

“Transformation” is a Globalist buzzword that signifies the New World Order technocracy of Chinese-style Communism, enhanced with contact-tracing, nano-RFID chips, immunity passports and total surveillance beyond what we even have now, where your ability to buy and sell within the new digital Currency scheme can be instantly disabled by the state for the ultimate experience in de-platforming.

So, the problem is not that there are so many other treasonous weasels like Omar running the cities and states of America but also that the banksters, major corporations and NGOs, UN, the Mainstream Media, pop culture and academia are all in with her to crash the US and bring on the New World Order.

It’s been looking like Game Over for the United States but cracks are beginning to appear in the façade of the insurrection. Original BLM members are starting to quit, because the movement has been hijacked by intersectional extremists, as Tim Pool elaborates in this video that’s already gotten over half a million views. Tim Pool, as many know cut his teeth on the Occupy Wall Street movement, back in 2011.

He and other Left-of-Center Liberals do not appreciate the tearing-down of Frederick Douglass statues and all of the cancel culture that goes with it, no matter how much Kool-Aid is served to them by the Mainstream Media.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

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