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Lee Stranahan Exposes the Deep State

In another video from my favorite new YouTube Channel, Fight Globalism, Lee Stranahan gives a definitive and “dangerous” lecture on the so-called ‘Deep State’, which he describes as “Not a conspiracy theory but an actual conspiracy…a conspiracy among secret societies.”

These secret and open societies and think tanks include, among others Yale University’s Skull & Bones, Oxford University’s Rhodes Scholarship, the Bilderberg meeting, the Atlantic Council and Davos. Behind all of these is a loose association of multi-generational billionaires, trillionaires, oil money and aristocracies. British and US intelligence agencies are connected to and were originally formed by these groups. The ongoing directive of the Deep State is to present the populace with false choices.

Stranahan says, that this podcast is “the one they’re going to Gary Webb me for,” referring to the late journalist, who wrote about CIA drug trafficking and ended up dead in 2004 of an apparent suicide at the age of 47.

This is long but it’s epic and incredibly eye-opening, even if you already know quite a bit about the subject. It’s the equivalent of a university course in parapolitics. So, if you want to know what the Deep State is, once and for all, this is where you can find out, as he traces its history and continually asks the question, “What is the Clintons’ relationship to Russia?”

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