I first ran this clip in July 2014, when Net Neutrality was under attack under the Obama Administration. As a result of our activism then, Net Neutrality was preserved.

However, the days of the essential open Internet protections we won in 2015 “are numbered,” according to Ajit Pai, President Trump’s new appointee as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Ajit Pai is a former lawyer for the cellphone giant, Verizon who has openly opposed Net Neutrality for years.

In Pai’s April 26, 2017 speech against Net Neutrality — a founding principle of the web, that all content be treated equally, he spoke to a crowd of cable company lobbyists and allies.

Chairman Pai and his team of open web enemies intend to roll back the Title II Order, the hard fought consumer protections that more than four millions Americans fought for and won just two years ago. Those same protections — that keep the Internet from becoming a series of slow lanes, for those who can’t pay, and fast lanes, for the few who can — are in grave danger because of Chairman Pai.

This is going to be the biggest battle the Internet has ever seen and to prevail we need to build an army even bigger than the one that ushered in that massive Internet win in 2015, and we need to do it now. STAND FOR AN OPEN WEB!!!

Chairman Pai is moving incredibly fast. It will be voted on and pushed through by the FCC on May 18. We need to show the FCC and Congress that Americans will not stand for assaults on our open Internet.

All of the amazing work we did leading up to our giant win in 2015 will be undone if we don’t stand together now. The way we won then was through sheer numbers and smart strategy, and with your help we can, and must, do it again.

The future of the Internet depends on us.

To an open, affordable web!

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  • I think John Oliver is a dick! I don’t care for him…many countries have fiber optics….not America…unless $$$$….

  • The Corrupt Gov. took down the FCC Comments on the link. Git yer guns, and let’s go hunting bureaucrats!!

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