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Incredible interview with Lara Logan!!!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 2 quibbles:

    1. She still thinks the USA was “attacked” on 9/11? Really Lara? In 2023 , that’s like saying “safe and effective” or “mostly peaceful” or bragging about a “beautiful vaccine that saved millions of lives”. She should know that by now.

    2. “Refusal to negotiate” is absolutely NOT UNPRECEDENTED: the USA only pretended to negotiate with Japan before the “surprise” attack (that they absolutely knew was coming and absolutely baited Japan into, by putting a flunky in charge of the Pacific fleet who would move the fleet to Pearl Harbor from San Diego, after replacing the “war with Japan expert” Admiral James O. Richardson who had refused FDR’s to make the move as it left the ships “sitting ducks”. She should know that also by now.

    And 1 observation:

    She throws the Freemasonry/??? hand signals all through the interview, especially toward the end where she made sure to sneak in the 666 OK.

    If you know their name…

    “well, you know the rest”

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