Astronomers at the Main Observatory in Kyiv say they have tracked many unknown objects over the daytime skies of Ukraine by taking advantage of the same effect that causes blue skies.

This video goes through the astronomer’s report (not yet peer reviewed).

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  • So , we are believing stuff coming from Kiev? Looks like a soft pedal to UFO admissions.
    Note…..many times when you see UFO’s there are usually invisible dark ones.. while we are looking at the light we miss the dark ones. A standard type bright one is usually accompanied by two dark ones.
    The propulsion system uses a triangular mathematical relationship . See YouTube. UFO over the isle of Wight…..amongst the UK UFOs there are dark ones that keep an EXACT triangular position with each other but are only revealed when using absence of colour filters..or…when using colour reversal in the video colour channels.
    Not from space.
    This guy is a clear agent. Just so happens he’s access to nice Ukraine friends who are busy chasing UFOs in the middle of a war zone? Can’t make this shit up…..or can you?

  • I’ve personally seen UFO a few times in my life.
    Other than that, I can’t figure out where they come from as there are too many theories on internet.

  • Kind of reminds me of what Martyn Stubbs was catching from NASA videos
    “secretnasaman” very fast movers!


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