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    Kevin Shipp joins Greg Hunter to discuss recent developments in the ongoing coup d’état roller coaster against President Trump from his perspective as a former CIA agent.

    Last week, Trump surprised most of the world with an order for Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify all of the documents relating to the origins of the coup against him. Then yesterday, coup-enabler, Special Counsel Robert Mueller resigned from the government after making a televised statement, in which he manipulated his legalese such that he reconfirmed his findings in his April report, that Trump did not collude with the Russians during the 2016 campaign – but he did so while also making intonations to encourage the Democrats to impeach Trump, anyway.

    KEVIN SHIPP: “This is this a historic battle between the President of the United States and what I personally call the Shadow Government, some call it the Deep State; that includes the CIA, the FBI and the NSA and President Trump is the first president in our history to stand up against this Shadow Government, especially considering the fact that they have been spying on him since he was a presidential candidate. So this is huge. It’s historic. Nothing like this has ever occurred, really in any Western government…

    “Then-NSA director, Mike Rogers went and secretly briefed Trump that he was being spied on and Rogers went to the the FISA Court and advised them that the NSA was illegally spying on the Trump campaign and subsequently, Barack Obama tried to get Mike Rogers fired. He’s [Rogers] is the true hero in all of this…

    “Back in 2012, the spying that the Obama administration was doing on its political opponents, Donald Trump being at the top of that list was using existing NSA surveillance technology…

    “They used their most personal communications against them for blackmail, for political targeting, for their operation, which eventually resulted in the false dossier; that’s exactly what they did, they took NSA 702 information on these US citizens and unmasked it.

    “If you remember, Samantha Power unmasked at least 250 names that’s about one per day and she’s the UN Ambassador. What the heck is the UN Ambassador doing unmasking NSA surveillance using these 702s? We think that it was Comey that did that for her and then fed her the information from the NSA, 702s which is existing technology that goes back before 9/11 and was amplified after 9/11…

    “The Shadow Government has been pretty much in an unbridled fashion, controlling the Congress, controlling the Judiciary and controlling the President of the United States and no one has stood up against it, until enter Donald J Trump a candidate that they did not figure on who is not bound financially or otherwise – this Shadow Government or their threats and he has got them quaking in their boots, because they’ve been engaged in illegal surveillance, they’ve been engaged in a false counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign, literally planting spies in the Trump campaign and I can guarantee you that they are scrambling like rats, trying to get off a ship. They’re now pointing fingers at each other. Comey’s pointing fingers at Clapper’s pointing fingers at Comey’s me pointing fingers at Loretta Lynch and on another there they are scared because if this stuff is declassified, the American people will see how they have broken the law and some of these parties what they have done amounts essentially to treason that they literally were spying and attempted a coup against a duly elected sitting president of the United States…

    “The media was complicit in this false Russian collusion attack on the President. There’s no way they’re gonna report on information that it’s gonna expose their role in it.

    “I think [the media are] assisting the treasonous acts and a good example of that is James Clapper with his top-secret SCI clearance and John Brennan with his top-secret SCI clearance – which is still intact, by the way. We’re going as mockingbirds to the Washington Post, to MSNBC and to CNN and parroting, literally parroting the CIA talking points, attempting to foster this coup and then cover up the false collusion.

    “Every time you see CNN or The Washington Post, for example quote sources, quote intelligence sources, quote high-level sources, they’re referring to the CIA feeding them information to twist that the reporting that goes out to the American people…

    “It’s very difficult to prosecute journalists and it should be so prosecuting some of the the executive members of MSNBC CNN and the Washington Post, I don’t think that’s going to happen and maybe it shouldn’t, because we want our press to remain free and free to be wrong, although in this case, they were manipulated, so I don’t think they’re going to be held legally accountable…we wish they would be charged but since they’re journalists, they’ll use that as their cover against prosecution and it will probably unless these documents reveal a direct intentional role without without a reasonable doubt, then you could probably go into the prosecution realm but the umbrella protection over journalists is pretty strong what they’ll do I think is clearly indict to the government officials who were involved.

    GREG HUNTER: There are some people out there saying that some of these journalists took money. If they have a paper trail, where they took money, they took bribes and intentionally put out false stories, are they toast?

    KEVIN SHIPP: They’re toast. In that case, you got them. In that case, you can indict them and in that case, you can charge them for Sedition.

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    • It should be clear to everyone, that we have not had a system with checks and balances for a very, very long time. Deep state, and corporations run this country, and the world. What can we do about it? Limit the term of deep state power players? (agency heads) and break up all monopolies, including biggies like Boeing, Lockheed, Northrup, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and a lot more. Make lobbyists e legal. But, I know I’m dreaming….. Make it a better day.

    • I have been forwarding this information to everyone I know who might be willing to listen (including some Democrats). Hopefully, it will wake up the brainwashed.

    • Eventually, the democrats will get smart enough to start using the talking point, “this began under Bush.”

      And they’re correct to a degree. But they’ll be referencing “W”, when in fact it began under “HW.”

      The military contractors and politicized intel agencies have been abusing FISA since it first came into being, but it ramped up dramatically under Obama.

      The “Targeted Individual” program starting as a military program 25 years ago to use on whistleblowers and dissidents.

      Under Obama, they first altered the definition of “Terrorist” from a jihadist type of person who commits acts of violence, to one that states “a person who aggressively attempts to alters another’s political views.

      Think about that.

      Prior to 911, there were about 200 targeted individuals.

      During the W Bush years, that ramped up to roughly 2,000.

      Now, we have about a quarter million after Obama and millions in the 5 eyes countries combined with other western nations.

      It speaks volumes about what he did with the information obtained illegally and what he did with who the FBI calls “non-investigative subjects” who they strip of all their civil rights and hire the contractor Infragard to stalk, harass, use intimidation tactics to ruin their lives.

      It is much deeper than has been published.

      I am not a republican or a democrat but I have NEVER seen a bigger tyrant EVER to hold office than Barack Obama.

    • Unless Trump is re-elected, despite the media lies and rampant,blatant voter fraud…..this country is doomed. There will be no trials for treason or sedition without the reelection of Trump.
      Nothing substantial will happen until a second Trump presidential term is secured.
      The next few years are going to be interesting and chaotic….to say the least.

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