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    Greg Hunter interviews former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp about the ongoing coup d’état against the US President and the necessity of enforcing the law on the perpetrators, including former CIA chief, John Brennan and Hillary Clinton, who both brazenly persist in making fraudulent public statements about Trump’s guilt in his collusion with Russia. Like Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper was given a job as a cable news pundit, where he directly fed the seditious talking points of the CIA into the Mainstream Media.

    Greg asks whether the Mainstream Media will go down for their seditious role in parroting false CIA propaganda for the past 2 years and Kevin says he believes that the people will take them down, once they understand the scale of the lies they’ve been told but he doesn’t believe that journalists can be charged due to the press protections now in place. One wonders how they will represent the indictments, which he believes are imminent. Leading up to this, Shipp believes the MSM will continue to ramp up its attacks on Trump, on Conservatives, on Christians and Jews, etc.

    The punishment for treason/sedition is death and Kevin Shipp anticipates that some of the figures in the case will at least be looking at a couple of decades in prison. Shipp says something that I’ve been thinking about in recent weeks, that the Democrat Party will be put out of business, due to the severity of the many crimes they’ve committed.

    Shipp believes that justice will be served but it will be done slowly, so as not to crash the financial markets.

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    • 100 Village Square Glen Cove NY is a black site of domestically run extraordinary rendition an electronic concentration camp,an electronic torture program usibg DEW directed energy weapons deployed and implemented by criminal factions of Hispanics farmed knowingly by private security companies given lucrative contracts kill contracts extermination’s carried out by a black budget an underbelly of the the deep state on innocent American citizens. I am a seasoned intelligent academic reporting on this. The innocent American citizens are trafficked to residential black sites where they are abused,tortured,experimented on illegally, financially drained , exposed to crimes against humanity as well as toxins to inflict disease, pain and a certain death. All property is taken and destroyed.Pets are subjected to the same cruelties and atrocities and slaughtered.Contact human rights watch judicial Watch Tom Fitton Jay Sekulow and Jesselyn Radick as well as the Clooney Foundation.

    • So, which is worse;

      An attempted coup, or

      * Mind controlling the entire country via
      Satellite Terrorism of citizens
      * 5g which will take the guinea pig program against Targeted Individuals to have the V2K and other capabilities on entire cities or town 24/7 to control them completely.
      * A press that won’t report on any of it.
      * A public, including many of the alt-right crowd that has treated TI’s as if they were crazy, not believing in weapons that can’t be seen.
      * Directed energy and weather terrorism to create multi-year droughts and fires to forcefully relocate people.
      * All of the above including the coup, all being perpetrated by the same crowd.
      * A president who seems oblivious to it all unless it affects him.

      Have a nice day.

      • Or a president who is fully aware of what is going on because he is also part of the “same crowd”.

        • Spot on… stuff like this is hope p-rn to keep your outrage at bay… I have been hearing about indictments for 3 years now… and yet no one is in jail… the indictments are just about to be handed out… and they always will be…

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