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    Kerry Cassidy says, “Mike Gill has the evidence of how the Cartel operates in New Hampshire using drugs, gun running and human trafficking, reaching to the highest level of the Federal government, including the IRS and Treasury, FBI and CIA.

    “We talk about how TRUMP KNOWS what Mike has; how General Flynn also knows and how this evidence would reveal the corruption at every level of State Governments across the US.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • …also Kerry, Trump hired Wilbur Ross for his four bankruptcies—Wilbur Ross was the lead bankruptcy attorney for the Rothschilds. And who appointed Wilbur Ross as his Secretary of Commerce—Donald Trump. Also Donald Trump’s mentor was real estate mogul, Roy Cohn—a ruthless business man wt mob connections.
      Trump is dirty—and I strongly suspect is not a white hat.

    • Kerry,
      You and Mike Gill must consider that Trump might be a part of the Deep State. Trump and Melania were guests at Epstein Island more than once, AND Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were guests at Trump’s Mar a Lago. The reason Trump and Flynn and Sessions and Barr who have the evidence, but have not released it IS mist probably because they are all part of the Deep State, most likely operating in the roles of controlled opposition.

    • I’m embarassed for Kerry.
      This was painful to watch.

      I’ll grant that Gill’s story is complex, but all the more reason Kerry should have watched 2 or 3 existing videos of Gill interviews to structure her questions.

      Gill tells Kerry the Cartel threatened to send Gill his childerens’ *heads* on by one.
      Clearly a sensational claim.
      Kerry responds to this claim like a damp 2×4.

      If she thought Gill was a larper, she should have done more background before the interview.

      She CANNOT relate, even in her IMAGINATION, to the threat Gill has already suffered is still currently under.

    • Kerry has a trump wedgie so bad it’s clouding her already lousy judgement further. Her horse blinders limited on world view revolves around the trump train which has just jumped the tracks thanks to this interview . The trump cavalry is coming but only if he can blackmail the blackmailers and grift his way back into office by pushing the election fix back to red team. The brown pill he’s having to force feed this sycophant fails to work as she still clings to her false god unconvinced that she could be the red faced angry bigger fool. I’m sure she cannot help Mike at all , and just wants him to prove she is right about her contribution which I believe adds zero.

    • Dear Kerry:
      Mike Gill is repeating “The Pandora Papers” over and over. I think he is referring to the “Panama Papers” which is an international journalist’s cooperative which claims to reveal how criminally obtained funds are hidden when placed within and moved around from so called “Shell Companies” on small islands, smaller countries and now apparently, New Hampshire.

      • Tim –
        The Pandora Papers are a more recent development.
        I don’t have the details but Gill is NOT making a low-level mistake.

        O’Connell and Gill have had lengthy exchanges about the PANDORA PAPERS
        in O’Connell’s recent videos.

        See what you can dig up.

        Alexandra –

        Maybe a short “Pandora Papers” article/primer would boost reader comprehension on what Gill is trying
        to get out.



        In October 2021, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released 11.9 million and 2.9 terabytes of leaked documents that exposed the secret offshore accounts of 35 world leaders, including current and former presidents, prime ministers and heads of state as well as more than 100 billionaires, celebrities, and business leaders.1 These documents shed new light on the offshore secrets of Russia’s oligarchs and elites.”

    • I watched Brendon O’Connell’s video on this. His main gripe was the info is not being made public by Trump, and the ratlines are not being taken down, no one being arrested. Trump and his gang seem to using the info for leverage. The further down the road we go, the more Trump looks like a player and a liar.

      • Native Virginian, I suspect that Trump is a Deep State player. He and Melania were guests at Epstein Island a number of times, and Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine were guests at Trump’s Mar a Lago estate.
        I suspect that Trump is a dirty player, being used as ‘controlled opposition’, completely controlled by the Deep State master controllers.
        Trump was a big-time real estate player in NY and NJ and when in bankruptcy, he hired Wilbur Ross who was the lead bankruptcy attorney for the Rothschilds’ empire. And then Trump appointed Wilbur Ross as his Dept of Commerce Secretary.

        The fact that Trump has not revealed the Mike Gill, Pandora Papers, is so telling because I suspect Trump would be incriminated.

    • There is a book that sheds a lot of light on what is going on in the world right now, The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins. The book is copyrighted 1988 but he could be talking about what happened in the news last week. It is eerie and prescient. It’s the People of God v. the Canaanites, the Satan worshippers, the child killers & cannibals. It started with Noah & continues. Mr. Mullins said our biggest problem is we do not understand evil and thus are not wary enough of evil until it’s too late. Covid & the Plandemic proved his point.

    • I saw an article that said Israel withdrew $1 billion before they crashed. He is right about the start up companies, it is happening in Virginia. Israel is getting involved in the US state by state now, and Virginia is easy because of its proximity to the Clown show in DC & all that bleeds into Northern Va from that. Check out the Virginia-Israel Advisory Board. There are plenty of articles about it at Unz Review. Marxist Gov. Northam, Democrat, had reps from the Israeli military come on a state level to make deals. When Terry McAuliffe ran for gov, the Repubs ran ads showing all the failed projects & wasted money from his deals, but they did not cross the Rubicon & say he had made the deals with the VIAB. The VIAB gets state money—OUR TAX MONEY—for projects, stuff gets built & manages to fail, who holds the rest of the money? ISRAEL. Someone in the state department wrote a report on this, plenty of info on-line about all this.

        • I am; they are not Israelites but the children of Cain, which means Satan’s seed. God was not speaking metaphorically in Genesis and Jesus said they are of the synagogue of Satan — again, not metaphor.

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