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Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is suing Pfizer for its misleading claims and censorship. Koback says the lawsuit “Is part of a multi-state effort, in which more suits may follow, depending on Pfizer’s reaction.”

Maybe now, we know why Melissa McAtee has been so mum. McAtee worked in the quality control department at the vaccine plant in McPherson, Kansas, overseeing the production line as a product inspector. Pfizer fired her after her October appearance on Project Veritas.

Prior to her dismissal, she told Nicholas Veniamin that that she collected over 150 images from Pfizer’s database that she says “Would disturb anybody, even the coldest Atheist would probably be disturbed. I’m not withholding things for some power move or anything…I’m just trying to make sure that these documents are…legit, that they’re authentic, that they say what I believe they say…

She continued, “It’s alarming to me that they were planning for about, I think about 22,000 deaths in a couple of weeks’ time from this vaxxine. And it says that they projected that in nursing homes – and it blows my mind and they are literally working with people that are called ‘ReCode’ and it’s called ReCode Therapeutic Medicine. But they want to tell you ‘It doesn’t touch your DNA.’

“In some of these documents, it says that ‘This mRNA enables permanent DNA editing.’ It says that!

“It’s all very alarming and people should be alarmed that they’re not being told these things. Because, it’s one thing that you hear these things and you know them and you choose to go do it. It’s another, when you don’t know what you’re signing up for to put in your body.:

In December of 2021, Melissa had this to say to Pfizer:

“I’m coming for you. (Laughs). I’m going to make sure they’re held accountable. Even if they try to take me out, even if they suicide me, throw me in jail, there are enough people with this information, they’re going to be held accountable and I hope that the world is able to see the things I’ve had to see, because I was not against Pfizer. I was not against pharmaceuticals. I am late to the party!..I loved my job.



Pfizer marketed its vaccine as safe for pregnant women. However, in February of 2021, Pfizer possessed reports for 458 pregnant women who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. More than half of the pregnant women reported an adverse event, and more than 10% reported a miscarriage, many within days of the vaccination.

Pfizer also possessed information from its own October 2020 study on pregnancy in rats, indicating that its COVID-19 vaccine was likely linked to infertility, loss of litters, and stillborn offspring.

Number two, safety relating to heart conditions like myocarditis. Pfizer consistently denied any evidence of a connection or safety signal between its COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis or pericarditis. Indeed, on January 18th, 2023, when asked whether its vaccine caused strokes or myocarditis, Pfizer chairman and CEO Alan Burla stated, quote, “We’ve not seen a single signal, although we have distributed billions of doses,” end quote.

The “signal” that he was referring to as a safety signal, which refers to a negative consequence. However, as Pfizer knew, the United States government, the United States military, foreign governments, and others had found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine caused myocarditis and pericarditis.

Number three, effectiveness regarding variants. Pfizer also claimed that its COVID-19 vaccine protected against COVID-19 variants, even though data available at the time showed Pfizer’s vaccine was effective less than half the time against variants.

Finally, transmission. Pfizer urged Americans to get vaccinated in order to protect their loved ones, clearly indicating a claim that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination stopped transmission of COVID-19. Pfizer later admitted that it had never even studied transmission of it after its recipients received the vaccine and whether they could say it stopped transmission.

After making these misleading statements, Pfizer also engaged in some censorship attempts. Emails revealed that Pfizer officials coordinated with social media platforms to censor any speech critical of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness.

It should also be noted that Pfizer elected not to join the Federal Government’s vaccine development program known as Operation Warp Speed and declined that development funding. When asked about that, Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, said Pfizer did not participation in the program in order to, quote, “Liberate,” end quote, Pfizer’s scientists and to avoid government oversight of its vaccine development.

He also said, quote, “They want reports. I don’t want to have any of that,” end quote. “Referring to ‘they’, when he said ‘they’, he was referring to the Federal Government.

Pfizer’s misleading statements contributed to success in marketing its vaccine in Kansas. By February of 2024, Pfizer had delivered over 3.3 million doses of its vaccine in the state of Kansas.

This accounted for over 60% of all vaccine doses given in the state of Kansas. This suit is being filed today. And as I mentioned before, it is part of a multi-state effort in which more suits may follow, depending on Pfizer’s reaction.

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  • yippy ! sum baby steps , but it’s the .gov policy maker wankers not the unclaimed actions of the rouge employees being thrown under joey’s secret service driven shortbus as much as they may deserve it we gotta be the guiding light here for these reprobates who are just trynna get their Armageddon on . . in the mean time witness a conspiracy so big your head will explode when the wheels finally comes off of the lead clown car apparently not driven by anything on earth with a brain as joey’s standing pile signals he stands alone on this one a fall guy who can barely stand who belongs in prison except it would be considered cruelty to treat this brain dead asshole as a brain dead asshole for the rest of his short brain dead asshole life . this vaxxcine news shit is old shit news time to move on to the next disastrous apocalyptic attack on humanity why even show up for armageddon if you are just gonna punk out and simply abandon brandon’s brain drained party pooping party live action with his special crowd pleasing mind shattering wandering turd tricks. calling dr. fauci and dr. gates cleanup on aisle 17 .

  • A Look at the Supreme Court Ruling on the Obama/Biden Vaccination Mandates.
    The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Biden administration mandate that large businesses require their employees to either be vaccinated or tested once a week for the coronavirus. In a 6-3 order, the justices blocked an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) emergency rule for businesses with more than 100 employees — one that would have impacted more than 80 million workers.

    The justices did, however, allow a vaccination mandate by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for health-care workers at some 76,000 federally funded facilities to stand.

    “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the requirement for health care workers will save lives: the lives of patients who weeks care in medical facilities, as well as the lives of doctors, nurses, and others who work there,” Obama/Biden said. “At the same time, I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to block common-sense, life-saving requirements for employees at large businesses that were grounded squarely in both science and law.”

    OSHA had estimated that the ruling for large businesses would have saved more than 6,500 lives and prevented 250,000 hospitalizations in the next six months.

  • why comment when there’s no first ammendment in this establishment.. mention Barack Obama and you are put on hold, or appeased by your comment is waiting approval (by who? it’s a comment Mr.gOogLe Bot) what kind of operation are running here? do you know who are dealing with Mr.gOogLe Bot & Miss aPpLeBOT ..??

  • Obama, Bush and Clinton pledge to film themselves getting Covid vaccine.
    Former US presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton have volunteered to have their Covid-19 vaccinations be publicly televised.
    The trio of two Democrats and one Republican said they would get the jab once it has been approved by regulators and recommended by US health officials.
    The move is intended to boost public confidence in the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines.
    Polls indicate large swathes of the US public are reluctant to get the jab.
    A Gallup poll – conducted in October before the results of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials were released – showed roughly six in 10 Americans would be willing to take the vaccine, up from a low of 50% in September.
    No vaccination has yet been approved in the US, but government regulators will be examining Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines in the coming weeks.
    “I promise you that when it’s been made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it,” Mr Obama said in a SiriusXM radio interview on Wednesday.
    “I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed, just so that people know that I trust this science, and what I don’t trust is getting Covid.”
    The illegitimate self appointed “Queen Obama” 2008-2024 “STILL RESIDING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. TODAY” with his mansion located just 2 Blocks away, a underground rail system, and private entry, and exit, operating in the shadows a shadow dictatorship, using various puppets front men, and women as Front personelle following and executing all orders from the
    Dictator Queen Obama.

  • MisLead the public, this opens the “ D O O R “ to sueing any, and all politicians domestic, foriegn, and multi citizenship,
    U.S. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously You May Sue Government Agents for Damages When They Violate Your Individual Rights.
    In a unanimous opinion issued today by the U.S. Supreme Court, and authored by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, the Court ruled in Tanzin v. Tanvir that individuals may seek damages as a remedy when federal officers violate their rights. The opinion closely tracks an amicus brief submitted by the Institute for Justice. the government must follow the Constitution. IJ’s recent U.S. Supreme Court case Brownback v. King

    • Great. Now, I have to find out which gov agent de-platformed me from all social media and blacklisted me with all ad networks.

      • No one is above the law and no one should be allowed to hide behind some kind of corporate or governmental agency name.

  • Let us not be confused by either the perps or the arm chair speculators.

    There are many participants in this delusion. Some knowing, some not knowing. But know this, that every generation has been challenged by “Babylonians” who attempt to usurp the throne of the Creator. My generation was no different, your generation is no different.

    This generation is perhaps more to the point in that they admit that they are attempting to recreate mankind in their own image, or shall we say in the image of THEIR ideal man. They are quite open about this fact minus the deatils and remember the devil is always in the details! Yet most seem to have a crop of potatoes growing in their ears and brains. Who are these “they”? Today they are the monopoly capitalists! Lets break this down a little bit.

    There are hundreds of computer operating systems in existance, but less than a mere handful in the popular public domain, thus providing the owners of those systems monopolist positions. Monopolists dictate policy and harvest it’s pricing bounty, creating Billionaires in the process. At least one of these privileged monoplists is a Billionaire Eugenicist. A Eugenesist who is well known, well experienced in experimental injections. You know exactly who I have in mind, or should know. He has made no secret of his Eugenic aspirations! Yet the public seems oblivious. At the very least, tolerant of his desire to create a more perfect man through GENE THERAPY.

    How are they getting away with this astonishing attempt to overthrow divine rule over creation? Like I just noted they are Billionaires and money talks, in government, in media, in university! Dear reader I am not dreaming, I am listening when they philosophize and I’m following their money. When they and their philosophers appear on many venues, they are not bashful to tell us what their plans for us tolerators are!

    Thankfully someone is doing something, but know how puny it is by comparison, it’s like Jack and his beanstalk, almost comic if it were not so deadly serious.

    • The movie The Constant Gardener is about that particular billionaire Eugenics Master. He been doing this culling a long time. I was just injured 20 year ago by a brand new Pneumonia “Vaccine” 😡 she I’m ready to see some justice or let them down g their hole and hide from all the world.

  • Civil LawSuits….Money exchanges hands.

    But the Concept of Jabs, and Medical Authorities, Lingers On.

    An image of Progress (Change) or Progress (Change)?

    • Is this site powered by solar panels, or maybe WindMills? it seems slow, Like 80% of Americans, or that illegitimate guy with dementia and wears diapers, they call sLow Joe
      The act of moderating, or of imposing due restraint.
      The state or quality of being mmoderate.
      Calmness of mind; equanimity.
      Do the gOogle and aPpLe BOTS understand they cannot moderate encrypted material or do the BOTS just keep bashing the BOT heads into the wall, and never complete the moderation never to reveal a top secret classified, redacted “COMMENT”..??
      thank you mr.ed
      Plum Pudding

      • I suppose Plum Pudding is supposed to be an insult.

        A Mob Member is trying to be creative…..Rational comments are not understood, so get called names…..Is that what this is about, or is it something else?

        Using different names, does not mean that more then one mob member, is part of that cell.

        Easy to ID.

        Why the Country was destroyed as it is, is because of stupid and selfish people, irregardless of the Aristocracy.

    • Here’s a tip, don’t mention “Obama” and if you are a “Pute Putin” fan like am (most americans prefer the gay Zelensky, can’t see the Obama, slo joe, Trudolf, Macron resembelance.) just act like a democrat antifa/BLM member, burn somethig down, riot, call Soros for destruction$$, or Obama if you need reparations.
      Later Mr. Ed
      Plum Pudding

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