A DOJ that arrests Roger Stone with more than two dozen agents and that fabricates a kidnapping plot against Gretchen Whitmer and that does not investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop, is the exact same kind of DOJ in which Kamala Harris operated as Attorney General of California. This is why she is the Globalist’s pick to be the US President.

Journalist David Daleiden tells the story about the éxposé documentary he produced about Planned Parenthood’s lucrative trade in fetal body parts and how it caused a phalanx of Feds to appear on his doorstep.

“In 2013, I began and orchestrated an almost three-year-long, very in-depth, comprehensive investigative journalism study about the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from late term abortions. There’s multiple violations and multiple issues that you very quickly start to learn about when you look into it.

“There’s the basic problem of selling body parts, where you’re basically creating a system, creating transactions, creating business relationships that incentivize the objectification and the destruction of human beings, in order to keep the business going.”

The first of the videos was released on YouTube in August of 2015. Nothing had prepared him for its viral impact, it got almost three million views in less than a week and launched multiple Congressional and Federal investigations into fetal trafficking and fetal experimentation.

Also in August of 2015, Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS, the strategic intelligence firm that sky rocketed to infamy when Hillary Clinton paid them for the “PeePee” Dossier which became the basis for the Mueller Investigation. Fusion GPS was retained to defensively investigate the veracity of Daleiden’s videos and they concluded the videos were the product of aggressive and misleading editing. A US Court of Appeals in January 2019, however concluded that the videos were authentic.

The criminal case has been dragging along since 2017. In November 2019, a jury in the civil case awarded Planned Parenthood more than $2 million in punitive and compensatory damages. In February 2020, David Daleiden pleaded not guilty to nine counts of criminal eavesdropping and invasion of privacy and is awaiting trial.

Daleiden says, “I now know what was going on was that Kamala Harris, at the explicit instruction of Planned Parenthood had targeted me and me alone, among all undercover video news gatherers in the State of California to enforce the California Video Recording Law against me and to punish me for speaking the truth about her powerful campaign donors at Planned Parenthood.

“I think what people have to understand about organizations like Planned Parenthood and about their political backers, like Kamala Harris is that they’re shameless and they will do whatever they have to do in order to promote their agenda. They’ll say whatever they have to say and they are not afraid to use every bit of power at their disposal to force their agenda through.

“Kamala Harris is the single greatest threat to first amendment civil liberties that our country has ever seen. If Kamala Harris is elected to be a heartbeat away from the highest office in the United States of America, you will have someone in the White House who has a radical contempt and disrespect for First Amendment civil liberties, someone who believes that she’s entitled to use the powers of her office in order to punish the viewpoints of citizens who disagree with her.”

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  • K. Harris has been taken dirty money since 1991. She lots of dirty money from the Roman Catholic Church and their attorneys before she was elected as District Attorney in San Francisco, and she let all the child raping priests walk free. K. Harris took huge amounts of money from those opposed to legalized/decriminalized cannabis. While K. Harris smoked dope and bragged about it, she was locking up minor criminals for cannabis. The money she took from Planned Parenthood once she had moved up to State Attorney General was used specifically to go after the journalists who exposed their wrongdoing. She joined those who believed the accusations against Joe Biden until she was appointed V.P. Joe Biden won’t last 6 months, and K. Harris isn’t even legally eligible to become a president of the USA. She had less than 3% of the possible votes when she ran for a Democrat candidate for president, and Tulsi Gabbard had no difficulty at all in eliminating her chances as a candidate.

  • Harris is worse than lying Biden, for she is pure evil. While CA AG, she was personally responsible for closing 6 Catholic hospitals who faced financial difficulties so they found a buyer. Harris told the buyer that they would have to unionize the 6 hospitals after which the buyer withdrew, forcing the 6 hospitals to close. So much for her toleration of religious liberty.

  • The DOJ is a huge problem. There is no question that they block and obstruct any case that involves preferred tools, puppets and elites. Lawyers themselves have overwhelmingly voted in and supported the corrupt globalists for decades. Many are rich and attend all the parties in preferred zip codes with the top demographics and are NOT giving the “enemy” (GOP) anything to beat their side.

    The division of America creates inequity and crime. It also enables pathological liars such as Joe Biden and his crime syndicate,

    It’s not just two levels of justice but also two levels of injustice,

  • Dirty, sleazy, skank. This is ALL of them. NEVER trust a spook, leo, or any so-called
    authoritarian or person of position or power.

    • scofield, you are dead wrong for lumping all LEO into the category of Biden or Harris. Most LEO are honest, hard working people, though there are a very small number of bad people just like in ALL organizations. The ones you must not trust are the marxists in government and their cohorts in media and education.

  • Shared, do you think I exceeded the community guidelines for truth?
    I’ll find out I guess.
    Thank you, Alexandra.
    Harris is another pay to play, just like slow Joe is.

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