This wonderful piece will take a lot of Baby Boomers back to their childhoods, when ads for Sea Monkeys were ubiquitous in comic books. We get to know a little more about Harold von Braunhut, the quirky inventor who so effectively marketed brine shrimp directly to children.

Similarly to how the “Instant Life” touted in the ads never panned-out quite as advertised, all was truly not as it seemed, when we learn how this toy inventor Braunhut donated all proceeds from another one of his comic book inventions to the legal defense of the Anti-Semitic hate group, Aryan Nations!

Even Braunhut was not what he seemed, when we discover that he was 100% Jewish!

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  • Legitimately speaking out against Judaic power abuses is considered “anti-Semitic”. Never mind the Jews now living in Israel have more Euro DNA than Semite. Never mind that Israel has deported 10,000Africans and the Knesset voted to deport 40,000 more Africans, whilst simultaneously aggressively supporting mass immigration on Western nations. The elite Jews must have a certain amount of “anti-Semitism” to keep their perpetual victim status alive. There were reasons the Jews were kicked out of 110 nations/regions in the past. But we are told it was because they dressed differently and refused to assimilate. More likely it was due to aggressive attempts to infiltrate and take complete control, engaging in usury, which was illegal in most regions. And the practice of ritual murder also played into the mix. But hey! none of that is going on today, is it?

  • This article brought back memories….Sea Monkeys, Spy Watches, X-Ray eyeglasses… least after all was said and done you weren’t out a great deal of $$. Interesting back ground about this ‘inventor’. He spent 1/2 of his life inventing ‘stuff’ that for a few hours brought children use of their imaginations…and the other 1/2 …..fulfilling his imagination about his world. The fifties were the start of indulging ones’ wishes. I think, though not sure, that Barbie was brought onto the scene as well. The beginnings of a vast world of ‘the next’ new or super idea for all the generations to own. I can say that what was even more enjoyable then getting ones’ hands on these items was waiting with anticipation for them to come in the mail.

  • OK, now is this a hidden reference to Never A Straight Answer? Or … the banking system, or the governments of the world? In other words, it ain’t exactly what it claims to be.

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