JUDGE JOE BROWN: And the last one, #44 and one before that, #43, Bush and Obama, well, there are pictures of bush with his arm around 8-year-old Barack Obama, because his stepdaddy, adopted daddy, Lolo Soetoro had done a lifetime worth of business with the Bushes.

Uncle George Herbert Walker, after whom George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush I president was named, founded Halliburton in 1946 in Oklahoma and Lolo Soetoro had been International Executive Vice President for Standard Oil.

INTERVIEWER: There was stories of him being a CIA asset.

JUDGE JOE BROWN: Oh well, yeah see he ran the death squads for the Indonesian Army. On his own call, Anyone could be assassinated.

So, when George Herbert Walker Bush became head of the CIA under the Ford administration, he just got with his old buddy in the oil business, Lolo Soetoro and pulled off the hits.

See, Barack’s grandmother has been acknowledged as being the woman that operated the channels through which CIA money went to the Southwest Pacific.

So she introduced her daughter, who had just had Barry Barack to Lolo Soetoro and they got married and Lolo Soetoro adopted Barack Obama. The name was changed to Barry Soetoro.

Now, when he went to high school in Hawaii – I know about that high school – I almost sent my oldest son to it. I could afford it but I didn’t think he deserved it. 20 years ago, the tuition was $95,000 a year, not including room and board. When Obama went there – I’ve talked to two of his classmates – they independently state that the tuition, not including room and board was $45,000.

Now, Business Insider reports his income for 2017 at over $200 million, net. That’s after taxes, deductions, write-offs. For this last year, 2018 they reported it as $570-plus million – and that’s after all deductions; tax, right?

Trump doesn’t make that, net. I mean, even some of the richest people in America don’t make that. Why? Because when his stepdaddy died, he was one of the 10, 15 richest men on Earth and he left everything in a trust fund operated out of Indonesia, so the American government can’t touch it.

That makes Barack Obama one-third beneficiary for the assets of one of the 10, 15 richest men on Earth. See? So, we got a game run on us.

So you know, that little thing that Bush W does when he gets with Michelle? They giggle and he gives a candy? The inside thing is that’s supposed to be the same kind of candy he used to give to her husband when he was six, seven, eight years old.

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