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Juan O Savin joins Ethan Lucas and Chris Rice to them that in the next couple of weeks, he expects action will be taken by the Government on the Hunter Biden laptop.

He refers to the Number 3 Banana at the FBI, Timothy Thibault who was marched out of the FBI Building the other day, under a ‘security escort’, because he was ‘fighting for his life’ to get something on Trump.

He says Thibault was trying to protect his buddies and that he knows that if they don’t take Trump out, Trump will come after them.

Juan says this is do or die. Only one will survive. This is NOT about Biden. It’s about the Deep State.

This interview doesn’t really get started until about 30 minutes in.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I ordered Nano-Glutathione and have emailed them X2 about my order and NO response. This man is a FRAUD and swindler……..

  • Wow, I listened to this 3 hours Great Interview on the Christmas🤶Dag, I wish All of you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2023! Greetings from Sweden!

    The US Military Court will be Hanging Nancy Piglosi on Tuesday December 27, 2022 in Gitmo.
    I trust the Real Raw News Web. by Michael Baxter. I just recommend. Lots of Good News…

  • The same “Tiffany blue” was the color of the children’s coats at the JFK funeral. The color made a strong statement… Not a casual choice at all – truly “in their face”.

  • White hats riding into town on their pale ponies. I don’t mind the conspiratorial optimists. We need optimism even if it’s not real or purely speculative. But is there a reason for optimism? Maybe… “They” (the Black hats) are cooking up more and meaner viruses. They spray us like insects to dissipate even a drop of rain falling. They are arsonists when the wind blows. Their injections kill our babies. Their mandates kill our young professionals. They have destroyed our greatest universities and made science a joke. They buy up the farmland to starve us. And if we don’t want to pay for our own destruction they have armed IRS agents…I could go on. But what is positive is they are ruining their reputations.
    When I was a wild child in the early Sixties my dad said, don’t ruin your good reputation because you’ll never get it back. Yes… we at least know who they are and they’ll never get their good reputation back–NEVER. .

  • What a tool Juan has become. He can’t let a dude know something he doesn’t. He’s jumped the shark for me. Mr. know-it-all don’t know it all.
    These two interviewers are quite the Peter Pans. Or Penis pans. Childish and yakkity yakkers. Like Juan. The “render unto Caesar” quote by Ethan was funny.

    Why did Juan not answer when (Ethan?) asked him for telling people what he thought about what was gonna happen, around 1:16? (“What’s gonna happen if it goes sideways”), then the other dude Chris jumps in with another question? Plus Ethan acts like an ass and goes on as much as Juan. None of these clowns are to be taken seriously.

    Wayne/ Juan just keeps yakking, without moving the ball forward. We know Fuckbook was a DARPA app. So what – he wants us to stand down, and gets off on “double infinity numbers”. He should have been advising us to kill the really rich people. They are the scourge. RELAX, AND TALK LESS – do more. There ain’t no political solution.

    • It’s not the wealthy but the Luciferian cult – and yes, many are very wealthy, but just because you’re rich doesn’t make you an adherent to the religion of Baal, Molech, Satan, Lucifer, Frankism – and all the atrocities practiced in the name of those “god(s)”who require a total reversal of the 10 commandments. For an insightful view into their world, see Kerth Barker’s books – they connect the dots… especially the one on Cannibalism.

      Satanic Luciferians use lies, blackmail, threats, torture, theft, blasphemy, bribery, promises, seduction, rape, murder… to control commerce, governments, religions, the media… all over the world. The spread of their “power” has been possible only due to secrecy and a long-standing plan to destroy the human race and this planet. The good news is, their secrets are coming out. They are being exposed. The population is more aware now than ever of the battle between good vs evil.

      Death does not remove evil; a shift in our hearts does. A return to our own real power does. Becoming aware of their influence and corruption is essential. Juan is helping us see below the surface to the real problem. Taking back the permission the naughty ones tricked us into give them is the first step. Next, withdrawing our consent to their governing and reclaiming our right to live in peace and safety. And finally, demanding our right to all that is good, beautiful and true.

      They DO need to be GONE, for sure, but death does not end evil. Death does not exist. Death is an illusion because we – and they – iive on. They’ll just come back and do it again and we will accept it again – until we become aware and say, “NO!” – NO ONE has MY permission to _fill-in-the-blank_ (or) I do NOT consent to _fill-in-the-blank_ – YOU have the power. USE it. Words are powerful when used purposefully. If you are shy, start with a whisper, but just in case you were not heard – say it louder until you are heard and acknowledged. It’s ok to go out in your car to a place where no human can hear and let ‘er rip – it’s the intention that works. Jesus modeled for us how to talk to evil.

  • Why is your company name Lightborn and you use the masonic pyramid?……you know who showed that it is Luciferian, and your montage even shows that your symbology is masonic.

  • Stop interrupting your guest and then yourself without finishing your thought. Also, you are flashing the hand sign of the devil.

  • The Radcliff BS was clearly the plan from the get go… which begs several questions: why wouldn’t Trump request/demand the info available at the 45-day time frame, even though it was (clearly intentionally planned to be) incomplete. How was that “allowed” to happen, that the election interference info available up to that point was allowed to be ignored/buried? An incomplete report wasn’t requested? Seemingly even partial data indicating problems in the election would have been a red flag, putting Congress and Pence on notice, that problems were detected. Given that this was ALLOWED (including by Trump) to be conveniently ignored, indicates that EVERYONE in DC (including pretend”white hat” rhetoric AND Trump) was part of this orchestrated debacle, for the single reason of allowing the coup to continue, by installing an illigitimate regime to make easy passage of the country to the globalist NWO.

  • These guys need to fix their broadcasting software game. Part of being credible is, for better or worse, successfully transmitting the message. The Skype thing is awful. Juan’s on the road issue is just the way things go when you’re on the road. But the Skype is awful, the video resolution is low and the sound has lots of breaks so I miss lots of content.

    • Their issues are much deeper than that. The silly laugh after making childish quips, their inane, irrelevant comments, my God, their generation is screwed!

      Then, their’s Juan. Mr. yakity-yak, yanking bullshit.

      Juan can’t let Ethan know something he doesn’t. Mr. know-it-all Don’t know it all.

      Talky talks talky talky, says nada nada.
      I feel stupider having listened to this.

      • Kim Goguen points out that dear Juan is nothing more than a puppet that thought he could control/deceive her. Sad, sad.

  • Egos are so frustrating at times. Everyone wants to talk. I get so frustrated trying to listen to what Juan says, and it is unbelievable to me that these guys have to put their two cents in and stop him just when he gets to the meat of the issue. Shut up and let the man talk! Almost nobody in all the Juan videos I have watched has anything to say that is worth interrupting him for.

  • Really great interview, quite enlightening. Thanks for presenting this, I might have missed it. I have had my doubt about Mr. Trump, but this does give me hope.

  • Lightborn media? Yuck. Everyone following this stuff is being deceived. Go find the video “An Inconvenient Reality” and you’ll learn what dark to light really means and how Gen Flynn fits in.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    I am astonished!
    You obviously ignore Kimberly Goguen on United Network News.
    107, according to his DARPA medal, believes he was to be the new leader of the Cabal now Trump has died. He, along with about circa 4500 others, tried to destroy planet earth about a week ago through the auspices of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Fortunately, they were all destroyed along with their various mechanisms.
    I can only suggest you watch the following report from circa 29 minutes:

  • Ethan Lucas and Chris Rice, I’m wondering if you all are called for this age (6000 years), if you know what I’m talking about. If you are you will know God’s plan of salvation. Or you could be ones who God has touched for a time such as this (6000 year period).

    All Understanding Comes From God!!!!
    Merlo Theodore

  • Never really followed Juan O7 or listened to what he had to say, however, I was finding some of his information very interesting. Unfortunately, with that being said he had to be interviewed by these two amateur citizen journalists! Could the tattooed/vaped/AriOnassis glasses guy possibly interrupt him any more than he did. Honestly who cares that you were at Jan 6th or a son of the Revolution or etc etc. The other guy at least had enough sense to keep his mouth shut until they started to talk about the anti-freeze and whiskey cocks and hard cocks, give me a break! Finally just turned it off. I have found in the past that anytime a podcaster welcomes you to their show and immediately tells you to “like” and “subscribe” it is time to run like hell.

    • No one “talks about the light” because it doesn’t exist. It was extinguished long ago. It’s baseless hopium, used for mass hypnosis, of the “supposedly” awakened — no different than the lamestream brainwashing of the mind-controlled sheeple to support and beg for the global reset and enslavement by their one-world luciferian gubment. The white-hat hopium is to secure that division remains in full force, thereby continuing to pit the sheeple against the patriots instead of joining together against the real enemy – the DS cult working against humanity.

  • Yeah because Trump is your Saviour; da – believe that any of these people are working for America or you; they are all owned by the deep state taking you into the NWO one world government. Juan O’Savin 107 been told he was Kennedy Junior. More BS!

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