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* DC Cabal Lawmakers Are Scrambling To Pass A Federal ‘Climate Change’ Land Grab Bill Over The Holidays > While Everyone Is Distracted

* [They] Want to Sell Our Federal + Prime Farm Land on the NYSE > Via NAC’s

* Keep an Eye on Patrick Byrne > He Has the Receipts on Jack Smith Taking Bribes

* McAfee Data Dump Coming

* Epstein Is Not Done

* Wikileaks Is Not Done

* 2023 Was The Year of the Whistleblower > 2024 Is the Year of Justice

* Senior Officials Are Rolling Over Right Now > The Queue Is Stacked Up With Whistleblowers

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am tired of looking at this fat dipshit’s boots and listening to him speak in riddles constantly. People are really suffering, this seems like a grand game for him. I don’t suppose he and the others that are making a handsome living off “being in the know” on all of this stuff ever want it to end, that would end there graft and their platform. No one would care anymore about what they have to say. Never any real answers out of this clown.

    I do appreciate Alexandra’s work, however.

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