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Many of us have heard of the proverbial “10 Days of Darkness” that are “coming” but never before, have I heard that this would be a military communications blackout to defuse the weapons of mass destruction that include the deadly over-powered 5G towers all around us.

This will be controlled by Team Humanity, according to Juan O Savin as told to John Michael Chambers in this May 16th episode of John & Juan: Critical Updates.

As Juan says, “The thing with 5G towers is they’re capable of casting at higher energies…and you can broadcast towards a particular target; that they can be steered, if you will, the beam can be steered…and if a signal is strong enough, it can boil a gallon of water a half a mile away.

“Because you’re wearing a tracking device, it, too can also be a broadcaster; it can provide the interference signal. Your cellphone could actually be weaponized against you. If you were in a particular location where several of these 5G towers are located, they could be triangulated on you and take you out in a few moments.

“It’s been alleged – and I think it’s accurate – that, in the Wuhan district, 25 million – you’ve got to think about that number – 25 million cellphone accounts were closed during the COVID crisis. They never got reactivated. Those people never came back…They died, not over months and years…but rather instantaneously and one of the accounts of people being thrown into trucks; thrown into bags and thrown into trucks and being carted away, dying of COVID almost instantaneously throughout the district…

“These people died, as I just described to you, in the most Christian area of China, by the way – more Christians in that region than in any other part pf China – and oftentimes, they were still breathing, even if they were unconscious, somehow; thrown in bags, thrown in trucks and taken to the incinerators to ‘protect’ the rest of the population.

“And the COVID, itself was just an excuse to wipe out a large population; to take them out of the game. I think that’s how we’ve actually got to look at what’s going on with, specifically the 5G towers; the broadcast systems, not just in America but in the world.

“We had hacking on a pipeline out on the East Coast a couple of years ago and it shut off the gas flow. Well, if somebody were to affect the flow of fuels, through pipelines across the country or around the world at the same time, you could really hurt everything that makes America work – or other countries.

“We have a lot of pipelines. People don’t realize how dependent you are on the flow of fuel through pipelines…There are no storage tanks of any great size at airports. It’s all pumped-in on the pipelines.”

It sounds to me Juan is suggesting that the imminent national Near Death Experience may be preemptive on the part of Team Humanity, as he explains, “In the computer systems around the world, there have been programs, there have been access points installed in. Much of the computerized operations systems around the world have been coming out of China and other places but the problem is there’s real danger and risk for access into those systems to cause disruptive actions, just going out, a long time in the future.”

Juan says that the cleanest, least destructive, least disruptive way to tackle this will be to voluntarily power everything down all the way, allowing teams to remove all of the malware.

While many of us are familiar with the urban legends about a 36-hour non-stop broadcast of a “truth-a-thon”, Juan says that more than likely, there will be “Nothing. No power. No anything. It’s like an EMP went off. You’re not communicating with Granma, you’re not using your satellite phone because the satellites aren’t working. We’re shuttin’ ‘er all down, Baby!

“And then, as things come back online – are clear to prove we have control to come back online – and it’s all OK, because you have to understand, this is the largest military operation conceived anywhere. 

“To begin, and then a methodical restart of the world, if you will. It’s a Near Death Experience, after we which we come back alive and aware, then we’re given the information to help to explain what just happened, why it happened.

“Even where we have a large population that understands, for the most part…they just don’t have enough details to fully grasp what’s at stake; how extensive it must be; what’s going on so that they can do the mental gymnastics, the calculations to see it all. 

“You can’t expect somebody that, you know, is doing normal life…to conceive of the kind of military attack that the world is under and the tools that are available to them. 

“You have to just pause, re-calibrate the system and only allow stuff to come back on that’s relatively safe. Let me add one last thing here, John, in context to that: Some of the tools that have been used against America and the world, they’re literally out of a Sc-Fi novel…

“The weapons that are being used, that are now in play and I used, for example, ‘Lahaina’, the…fires in California, along the Pacific Coast a few years ago. Several other now, locations around the world, that we’ve seen similar stuff; there’s a military-grade-type weapon system that’s being used that’s using lasers and microwaves in combination, that allows you to very precisely target with extreme – it’s not heat, it’s molecular resonance. It can heat something up, like a microwave does, in a very precise location. And that’s being used on civilian populations, to effect change, rapidly, that allows for certain groups to come in and start rebuilding their own place in the world, one Lahaina at a time. 

“We have to address – because some of that technology is is compact enough and loose enough that you now have a risk that people with simple aircraft and drones could engage that and affect small areas very effectively. We have to capture that, whether it be at the nation-state level or some mob level.

“Out across the world, this Near Death Experience ahead, in my opinion is about a pause that has to happen to allow some of the work to be done with the least risk to the people. When you have that Ten Days of Darkness, that full stop, that full pause, you’re hunkered-down, you really can’t go anywhere.

Where are you gonna? To the gas station? Well, the pumps don’t work at the gas station. You’re gonna go to the grocery store? Well, the credit card machine don’t work at the grocery store. You’re gonna walk next door to Granma’s house; down the street to your friend’s house, you may not want to use the last ounce of gas in your car, because even after The Darkness is over, things may not be the same way for days or even weeks…

“You’ll have the National Broadcast System in play, to explain what’s going on – but not during the 10 Days of Crickets. Total silence. And unfortunately, we’ll be left in the lurch, somewhat.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Q, and this totally confident bullshit artist and the war mongers of the Republican party are playing the sheeple.he

  • Okay, Now is the time to wakey, wakey.

    This psy-op was put out, to the sheep, inorder to get feedback (data), on how the sheep will react, and understand and believe this garbage, spouted by this Q, Garter Guy, fancy boots, or the Jfk Jr return, or White Hat.

    Time to get Real.

    White Hats, Gods, Space Aliens etc, only exist, as long as the Sheeple, believe they exist.

    If things go dark (Intel phrase), for 10 days, two weeks or a month.

    It is being done by the Scumbag Factory….Not the mythical white hats.

    Most likely t o convert the Internet BackBone to 6G, for the Internets of things.

    And Surveillance Capibilities, etc.

    Only the scumbags have the ability to do this…..and it will cost them money, so they will do it fast; they are cheap bastards…

    This will has also enable Digital Money….the end of humanity.

    So, stop grazing on that GMO, that is given to Sheep.

    They are telling you ahead of time, so the herd of sheep, don’t scatter, too far.

    But with the proper reaction, the scumbags will be put off, and it buys time for humanity.

  • you can’t power down the military or the SSP death star . boots gets real intel but is his cowboy hat white or camo ? there’s not enough blue paint to cover all our house / assets so run to the dealer and get your dream car in blue and get ready for the madmax apocalypse .

  • Ah, I see I can.

    As to 25 million deaths in the Wuhan region, dial that down to maybe 2 million. This site
    shows a population decrease of just under two million from 2019 to 2020, which is remarkable because another site ( shows no decrease for the Wuhan population during those years. It is doubtful that Juan would make such a mistake by mistake. The whole province supposedly has 58 million residents. 25 million deaths would have cut that in half. I do remember lots of stories about cremation and the attendant pollution going haywire during those days. What Juan says (if they were real) could explain those deaths because the rona was a total dud world wide. But why that ten-fold mistake, Juan?

    • I remember this story at the time and I think I do recall hearing the number “25 million”, not 10% of that. I didn’t pay too much attention because of all the insanity that was unfolding in my own country.

  • It’s a shame that there’s so much fear that the perps cannot be named by those of us who know. They’re always “the elite”, the 1 %, the globalists, the oligarchs, etc etc. The peons are taught to love the perps by their tv, public education hollywood and more. And no, I’m not an anti-semite, I don’t have feelings one way or another for arabs.

  • I think it’s arrogant and rude that he does all his interviews making us look at his boots and fat pinky ring while he bloviates all of this supposed insider stuff in total anonymity.


  • Conspiracy entertainment brought to you by the same as brought y’all Q entertainment awhile aback. it’s a bubble gum for the brain distraction away from the wire pullers whose names we well know!

  • So let me get this clear. Is this the good guys, or the bad guys talking?

    For instance: “And that’s being used on civilian populations, to effect change, rapidly, that allows for certain groups to come in and start rebuilding their own place in the world, one Lahaina at a time. “

    • He’s explaining what the bad guys are doing but he also talks about how the “good guys” are going to completely shut down the power and communications grid and then slowly turn things on and restoring peoples’ accounts, according to who they think are “not dangerous”.

    • I have not known what to make of Juan for a long time. I’ve been back and forth, but he does seem to be plugged in to some kind of white hat group and David Nino Rodriguez, who is not a fool, supports him. I got tired of the Bible story metaphors, but this interview is very different and very informative. I have a hazy recollection that he got drawn into this effort when he was an investigator. Clif High is predicting a spike on July 15 and then release language. Could they be related?

  • Sorry to spoil it but, if it happens, it’s not going to be 10 days but at least 3 months. I have the number from the declaration given by the Energy Secretary some 8-10 yrs back. She said back then that the power grid being brought down across all US is just a matter of time (cyber attack).

    Can you imagine life as we now know (with goods and bads) coming back as before after 3 months? And what in between? Can u imagine police (and army) keeping up with the hungry, angry, desperate people allover? How much food in the warehouses, food banks, etc.? I don’t think it is for 3 months. And will it all be fairly distributed to people? Will it be that those having food will team up with those with guns to resist loathers (hoards of hungry people)?

    And what about RU, CN during this time? Will they send emergency kits (food, etc.) or …?

    • You sound like a very young person, and probably a very nice person.

      One push of a button, will not give
      you knowledge of reality…..learn to analyze, and have multi-sources.

      This is the age of psy-ops, and people lie for various reasons.

      The internet is 99% lies and BS…..A liar has respect for truth, but fears it, so they avoid it, because they have an agenda.

      A BS artist has No respect for truth at ll…..and will say anything.

      Experience brings you knowledge, if you learn from it; than you will have wisdom.


  • When is enough, enough?

    So, we humans figured out how to kill a certain population by narrowing downs specifics of or a certain person(s) by a delivery process that only specifies certain people. The tool used are in almost every persons hand, your cell phone. I get it, understand it and have known about it for some time now. yet when is enough, enough?

    Jesus is on HIS thrown, His hands are on His front arm rests and He’s on His edge of His seat in preparation of His return for His own. Are you prepared? It’s a one way ticket! Some will have it but most will not.

    Walk Worthy

  • He is Q, Order of the Garter…..see his Signet Ring.

    He is talking about Kryptos AG. – back doors.

    HE could not explain Phased Array Antennas, turning up to 3000……can totally fry an entire city.

    In China, the Phones, maybe were turned off, to stop communication, ofcourse Christians were the victims, in China, it would have been the
    Uyghurs….The Garters are Vertical and Catholic.

    He explained the Sun God, Christ dead and comes back to life.

    Is he on Ivan enemies list…

    Nice he globetrots around the world.

    He hinted at going back to feudal vertical rule… far would they (the mythical they) go.

    All these great Americans, live outside America.

    Forcasting fear porn.

    Ofcourse, at some point, if not stopped the scumbag agenda, will bring down the hammer.

    These and others are war profiteers.

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