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Juan O Savin April Update with Sean Stone

Sean Stone and Juan O Savin always have very interesting conversations.

Juan O Savin takes us back to the 1973 Oil Crisis and how it was actually an earlier iteration of the COVID bullshit that we’re living through today: a “Green” push to de-industrialize and crash America by the same Rockefeller/Globalist cabalists.

I was in Third Grade in Chicago during the Oil Crisis, attending one of the most expensive private schools in the country and there was no heating in the dead of winter at the school, when it was 20 below zero outside. We all wore our full winter outdoor clothing inside. Steam escaped from our mouths, as we answered our teachers’ questions. This went on for weeks. It was madness.

Still, it wasn’t half as bad as what the children are going through today with the masks or having no school, at all for over a year, now.

But Juan O Savin really got me laughing when Sean Stone asks him, “How can we start to feel empowered and not lose our minds at the overall totalitarian structure that’s working to destroy this country?”

To which Juan responded, “Well, I would recommend that everybody that supports President Harris and actor Biden immediately go out and support them by getting the vaccine. I would recommend they do that; become guinea pigs for the world and for America and get the vaccine, immediately.

“In fact, just to be safe, I would get all three. I’d get the Pfizer, the Johnson & Johnson and…[Moderna]…get ’em all! Get all three of them, just to be safe! It’s like wearing three masks. One mask wasn’t enough, so they started wearing two and then you got people saying, ‘No!’ You might actually have to wear three…

“That’s what every Biden supporter should do. That’s just fair. If one shot’s good, three’s gotta be better, don’t you think? It’s just like voting. If you’re a Democrat, vote early and vote often. I would get a vaccine weekly. All three of ’em! And have the cards to show!”

Juan ends by insisting, “The military, at the very highest levels has not signed-off on a Biden victory, even though Congress and the courts have. It’s going to come to a head. It’s going to be dramatic and it’s my contention that it probably looks something like a Cuban Missile Crisis, some event that forces the other side, supposedly to hand over the keys, to step down; to get out of the way. Both sides want it. It’s not just one. So you’re gonna get it. We don’t know when…

“I personally thought it would have been all done by April 1st…it’s a dual presidency. Biden may be technically, as far as Congress and the courts, President of the United States, but there’s some component that it’s clear to me, that hasn’t signed off on it. I don’t know if it’s the military. I don’t know, I think they consider Trump President, still.”

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