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Sean Stone and Juan O Savin always have very interesting conversations.

Juan O Savin takes us back to the 1973 Oil Crisis and how it was actually an earlier iteration of the COVID bullshit that we’re living through today: a “Green” push to de-industrialize and crash America by the same Rockefeller/Globalist cabalists.

I was in Third Grade in Chicago during the Oil Crisis, attending one of the most expensive private schools in the country and there was no heating in the dead of winter at the school, when it was 20 below zero outside. We all wore our full winter outdoor clothing inside. Steam escaped from our mouths, as we answered our teachers’ questions. This went on for weeks. It was madness.

Still, it wasn’t half as bad as what the children are going through today with the masks or having no school, at all for over a year, now.

But Juan O Savin really got me laughing when Sean Stone asks him, “How can we start to feel empowered and not lose our minds at the overall totalitarian structure that’s working to destroy this country?”

To which Juan responded, “Well, I would recommend that everybody that supports President Harris and actor Biden immediately go out and support them by getting the vaccine. I would recommend they do that; become guinea pigs for the world and for America and get the vaccine, immediately.

“In fact, just to be safe, I would get all three. I’d get the Pfizer, the Johnson & Johnson and…[Moderna]…get ’em all! Get all three of them, just to be safe! It’s like wearing three masks. One mask wasn’t enough, so they started wearing two and then you got people saying, ‘No!’ You might actually have to wear three…

“That’s what every Biden supporter should do. That’s just fair. If one shot’s good, three’s gotta be better, don’t you think? It’s just like voting. If you’re a Democrat, vote early and vote often. I would get a vaccine weekly. All three of ’em! And have the cards to show!”

Juan ends by insisting, “The military, at the very highest levels has not signed-off on a Biden victory, even though Congress and the courts have. It’s going to come to a head. It’s going to be dramatic and it’s my contention that it probably looks something like a Cuban Missile Crisis, some event that forces the other side, supposedly to hand over the keys, to step down; to get out of the way. Both sides want it. It’s not just one. So you’re gonna get it. We don’t know when…

“I personally thought it would have been all done by April 1st…it’s a dual presidency. Biden may be technically, as far as Congress and the courts, President of the United States, but there’s some component that it’s clear to me, that hasn’t signed off on it. I don’t know if it’s the military. I don’t know, I think they consider Trump President, still.”

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  • 1973 was the year that America told the world oil was going to run out in the early 1990s because the oil wells were going dry, and the world was using it up like there was no tomorrow. That was obviously a false flag, and although some wells run dry, many others simply refill from deep underground. Oil is not fossil fuel; it is abiotic – i.e. no biological origin.
    As to Juan’s assessment of the US today, I think we can all read between the lines of what he’s saying. Of COURSE it’s the military. The Dems can do nothing about it.

  • Why are you supporting republicans? You dont comprehend that both parties work together? No republican OR democrat politician gets any significant position without proving loyalty to the globalist agenda. I dont care what they promise or say, even so-called populists like rump and bernie are all bought liars. To follow them and to think that they have our best interest in mind is to be honest, stupidity. They are all liars!!!! My books ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is. Names, dates, documents, quotes, sources.

  • Gee you are ignorant. Lawsuits? You never heard of pharmaceutical indemnity? Have you been sleeping for ten years? They have planned this for a long time. Covid, created in North Carolina University Chapel on a Hill laboratory by Dr shi Zhwengli with US and Chinese gov funding, and with Gates supervision, was created to allow for the vaccines which were developed a while ago (and the vaccine was patented in 2017, and many countries bought millions of PCR test kits in 2018)to provide a need for the death vaccines. Gates has said on Ted TAlks that he wants to reduce world population using vaccines. The globalists have planned a 500 population world fascist police state by 2025. Current population is 7.8 billion.

  • DEVELOP a Dyalisis type machine that removes impurities and hopefully
    a LOT more from those who have realized their horrible mistake.

  • I’m from India and have been following the Q posts and the worsening situation in the US and the World for over 3 years ..
    I would very much want to ask Juan O SAVIN some relevant questions personally mail id is given below please contact me if you can ..
    This is a useful video but there was no mention this time of the luciferian khazarian cabal which was earlier depicted as the root of all or most of the evil for centuries..
    This time it just sounded like there were big stakes of cours e, but it was like a move and counter move between two groups of Expert chess players who know all the ropes there is to know.. One of course more evil than the other..
    Also nothing about what to me is the most important subject for the preent moment ..there are doctor and scientists across the globe telling people on private media that there are imminent dangers of nano particles being there in the vaccines which can alter the DNA and can be used to remote control the individuals mind through 5G etc.. it looks to me that either the consequences of taking the vaccine are going to be that serious and there is a plan behind it ..or is it simply an attempt to make money out of the virus and Vaccine.. why does no one provide proper clarity on this most important issue ?

    • Abraham, I would like to address your concern about Luciferian/Khazarian. Everything seems to be a “Hey look over there.” A website of a Real Anthropologist Robert Sepehr at ‘Atlantean Gardens’ can clear up a lot of Hidden History.

  • I sincerely believe, after years of critically examining the cultural, geopolitical and religious anomalies we all wrestle with, that if any of this is going to make sense AT THIS TIME, we need to focus in laser-like fashion, on Obama. In other words, let your starting point be: We are living under a THIRD Obama/Biden(Harris) ‘term’. Trump was merely a placeholder, no less an actor than Biden. Set all MAGA prejudices and filters aside.
    There is a gentleman in Australia who is piecing together dates of events and persons with some numerical sequences that constantly occur and re-occur over many years. I realize that trying to find a solid source for help in putting the pieces together is tenuous at best. He is on YT and doesn’t have great Sub and Viewer numbers (unless YT has reduced those numbers to cast aspersions on him)… so don’t let that deter you from seeing what he has to share. That said, I implore those truth-seekers among us to please spend the time going through the many short vids he has uploaded. Give him a chance. He is, I believe, truly onto something that could well be a ‘touchstone’ for understanding what is really going on. If I’m wrong, so be it. If not, I hope this post will prove useful. His website is ‘cloudbase rapture’ on YT. If you have a problem with Christian eschatology, now would be a good time to re-think that prejudice.

  • Thanks for sharing this imformation with me, it is very interesting and informative. The whole world is completely under MK ULTRA! Only a handful of people are using their own minds, they are being lead like lambs to the slaughter and it is so sad, but the vaccine and the virus are only one lie of many, many lies that they are trying to force feed the world, I will be following God instead, and listening to imformation like this. Thanks again!

  • Juan has to be in the Destin, FL area. Southern Florida does not have those kinds of beaches. Those white beaches are the Gulf Coast beaches. Chet Moeller

    • Wishing ain’t getting, sorry.

      Destin, don’t be so stupid as to give away Juan’s position. DO you want him killed too????? DUMMY.

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