Dr. Joseph P Farrell, an expert on the foundation of the EU and of its current structure offers his “high-octane speculation” on what the Brexit referendum was about, and what to expect.

Farrell thinks that the UK made the right decision, in the long term, even though the short term will be difficult for Britain and for the rest of the world.

He thinks the Brexit boils down to four things:

1) The Islamicization of Great Britain. The insistence by a a large sector of the local Muslim community in not integrating into British society and their insistence that the host country respect that and the institution of Sharia law in some areas.

2) The Issue of National Sovereignty and the position of the British oligarchy and elite and their dissatisfaction with the way the US is running things. Also, the fact that the Monarchy is not happy.

3) That the EU is a dictatorial bureaucracy, which he said was “throttling the UK”.


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