Mass de-platformed Alex Jones joined podcasting rock star, Joe Rogan for an epic 4-hour broadcast, in which Jones revealed some very crazy information about interdimensional aliens, genetic memory, God and things he’s never spoken of before. It’s an incredible and an important free-speech event in this horrible censorship war that has occurring today.

Speaking of which, Forbidden Knowledge TV has been blind-sided by the latest technique to derail traffic to the site and I am very busy attempting to reconstitute my newsletter broadcast.

I’ll see you on the other side.

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  • We all know that Sandy Hoax was a staged fake crisis, complete with crisis actors
    catered with food, blinking direction signs, a coroner that was out of the twilight
    zone. Why does Alex try to backtrack what he and all other truthers know ?
    Alex, glad you and Joe have made up. We are stronger together, but this is what
    you wanted, and you will have to have broad shoulders to carry this weight !!
    MOLON LABE Stop Apologizing for know more about everything!!!!! We know
    you are usually the smartest guy in the room, thats why we love you !!


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