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    This is the Jim Marrs research that you won’t find in his bestselling books! Marrs goes way off the Reservation here, in this latest Dark Journalist interview.

    Marrs is well-known for his writings about political conspiracies, especially the JFK assassination but less so for his wide-ranging study of ancient history and for his profound observations about humanity and human history.

    Marrs’ Jovial Texas rancher stylings might throw some people for a loop – but this prolific author is a serious scholar, with heavy-duty linguistic chops.

    In this Dark Journalist interview, Marrs discusses his 20-year investigation into the Black Ops world of Remote Viewers and its denizens, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff and Pat Price. He gets into government coverups of reverse-engineered, advanced technologies from ET craft and about the presence of massive bases built on the Moon.

    News to me, here were his descriptions of ET-controlled UFO bases on Earth, located in four very remote places, in separate continents across the planet.

    Marrs has amassed piles of evidence that strongly suggest that some ETs may be our distant cousins, who were technologically advanced in antiquity and who played a major role in several aspects of human development.

    Marrs is adamant that the truth of alien involvement in Earth’s history has been kept secret by a massive covert program. He describes how US Presidents, from JFK to the present have made attempts to wrest control of the advanced technology from a breakaway military faction, deep inside the National Security State – sometimes, with fatal results.

    The two then launch into a revision of the Book of Exodus and the implications of the parallel lives of the monotheistic Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten (which literally meant, “The Worshiper of the One True God”) and of Moses, the Biblical prophet. He explains that “Moses” was not a proper name in those times, it was an Egyptian title, which meant “True Pretender to the Throne”.

    After extensive study, Marrs has found the histories of these figures to be so intertwined, it led him to the staggering conclusion, potentially offensive to some, that these characters of ancient legend were actually the same person.

    Marrs then launches into a discussion of monatomic gold and its multiple applications, from food (“Manna from Heaven”), to an anti-gravitational substance that was contained in the Ark of the Covenant. He has many references to support all of the above claims.

    Finally, Marrs reveals his observations about the controversial figure, Richard Theilmann, a self-described whistleblower, Navy Lt. Commander and veteran of Black Ops, who claims he was part of a mission for the Secret Space Program, to perform surveillance of targets, including the planet Venus.

    Theilmann underwent surgery, the resulting immense scar, which Marrs saw up close and which he describes as looking like one that might have resulted from an autopsy (!). This massive abdominal scar, from his neck to his hips was was allegedly the result of implants and “enhancements”, to help Theilmann survive the conditions of Deep Space…

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    • Whistleblower Douglas Dietrich, document destroyer for Presidio, says back in those days the Japanese were called aliens, as were other foreigners. He says the japanese had very advanced derigibles which attacked our west coast. There was an old secret societiy in Japan whose members were very small. they shaved every hair off their bodies, and when they advanced sufficiently, took off the little finger as culmination of that ritual. The army was very happy to let us think it was ET’s. How best to cover their space program and offworld technology, plus divert the blame.
      With genetic engineering, tesla technology, plenty of money and secrecy, this story is more compelling than the ET story.

    • Once you understand that the earth is flat and we live under a dome or firmament as Genesis 1 states the earth as being at the center of the universe all the missing pieces fall into place. Look up flat earth yourself and be prepared to fall of your perch

    • Dear Daniel

      Jim is on the money! You can believe him 99%. My Oath comes to an end in ’22.

      Thanks Daniel for prviding this information to the World.

      best wishes

      Down Under

    • Excellent interview – very interesting. I am so glad this information continues to come out from many sources. The more information that comes out to educate the public, the less power and control the government/cabal has to continue to hide the truth. I thank Jim Marrs and all the other people who have made it their mission to get the truth out knowing they’re at risk for retaliation.

    • I am amazed Jim Marrs is still alive….he had blown the lid off some dirty secrets our own Government hides from it’s own people…I am 69 and have seen my Government descend into Fascism….with no way out…

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