With his outrageous pronouncements in the segment above, real journalist, Jeremy Scahill has probably made his last appearance on CNN. So, I’ll take this opportunity to enjoin everyone reading this to likewise sever your relationship with the Mainstream Media and to seriously consider canceling your cable package and to opt only for the Internet portion of your cable bill, which is what I’ve done forever.  You can still watch movies on Netfilx, Hulu and on YouTube, among others. With the ~$1,000+ you save annually, you can help support the creators of great content, who I feature daily.

Stop paying the bad guys! Why should you help finance the production and dissemination of fake news and pay for an “entertainment” industry, which implicitly supports the totally fake worldview of the Corporatist Neocon narrative?

We need to start voting with our wallets, here!

As I’ve detailed at length previously, the Mainstream News Media is not here to tell you what’s “news”, out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re not doing what they’re doing to be nice to you. They have been strictly controlled by the Psychological Warfare division of the CIA since the early 1950s, to indoctrinate you and to pay hookers with lost souls in business suits, like Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow and Megyn Kelly $30,000 per day to tell you inane things, like how the missiles are “beautiful”. (Gag!)

If Brian Williams’ rhapsody about the Tomahawk Cruise missiles wasn’t enough to make you toss your cookies – while you tossed your cable box out the window – then you’re still asleep, more than sixteen years after 9/11 – and you totally deserve whatever the Deep State is ready to serve you next.

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  • Personally I quit watching television long before the internet, considered it insulting to my average midwestern intelligence. Reading was much more informative and entertaining than boring TV. I don’t know why anybody watches television any more when there are thousands of much better selections on the internet.

    Every now and then I come across a MSM tv clip in which one of the overpaid “reporters” are reinforcing an old lie which has been debunked many times and yet there they are trying to reestablish it for the government. Nuts!

    We are living in Orwell’s 1984 right now. Expect political correctness to catch up with the internet very soon. It’s already evident.

  • Clif High’s predictive language says the MSM is “going down”. The BS right here reveals he is correct. And what is that woman saying? “Let’s get back to Syria for a moment?” IS SHE DEAF? Appears so. Honey, honey, honey. Wake the FU.

  • I think people are giving Trump way to much power…he takes his orders from the military…he is a yes man like all presidents…America’s presidents are puppets! Nothing more!

    • …and deeper. They are puppets of something much deeper than the military. That’s the key problem to understand any figure head POTUS.

    • Bannon succeeded in fooling many otherwise but we have the Prest-o, Change-o Replicant Pod Replacement, again. There hasn’t been any such thing as the POTUS since…???

      • Yes. I guess Scahill knows his way around bribery as well as any of these creatures – but however partisan the beginning of his rant is, I do love his “truth meltdown”, here.

    • Yo…I was dumbfounded yesterday to see him in a promotion of Ben Dixon now speaking for the Intercept on YT…he sounded more like WaHoPo than Rolling Stone. I had to stop listening a dozen minutes in to this hour long Ben dancin’ with future fame, now elbow to elbow with a biggie…from what he said, the Intercept recruited him, he being flattered of course.
      I did not know he is blind to the towers absurdity…yow, now that says a lot!

      • OMG. I had to quit out of the Intercept jam, too. Scahill, however gifted and articulate is irredeemably partisan; a Socialist to the core. He would have rocked the world in the ’80s but he’s a generation too late. My sense is that he’s a true believer and not doing it as a show dog. I think it’s a family thing. I think his dad was involved in the Socialist Party.

  • MSM, other wise should be known as real lies.com . I haven’t had T.V. in over 20 years, I find more and more that the CIA is now attacking through the internet with heir propaganda, sometimes it’s almost impossible to tell where the lies start and the truth stops. You almost have to just “feel” it, to know, because the lies roll off the tongue so easily. Best wishes for all, yes even for the Nazi’s in the White House, as well as the CIA.

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dr elliott


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