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Zoe Chace is a producer for a radio show called This American Life that airs on public radio stations, like NPR. She bumped into Ivan Raiklin at a Congressional hearing on Wednesday and wanted to do an impromptu interview with him, noting that he calls himself the “Future Secretary of Retribution” on his Twitter profile.

What she got was a intense download of remarkably restrained righteous rage, enumerating every desecration of US Law in recent years committed against the Constitution and the People of of the United States by certain corrupt members of the US Government and how their actions have now set a legal precedent for the People to go after them in kind.

Zoe asks whether Trump supporters need the protection of a “Trump DOJ” and for him to be back in office before taking action, failing to understand that it is largely the DOJ, itself that will be the target.

As Ivan says, “It does not matter who wins the election. This is going to take place at the hands of the American people, with or without an election and with or without whoever wins the election. I guarantee you that that will take place at the County and State level, because right now the Federal Government is not in a position, because of its capture and its corruption.”

Ivan is a lawyer and a retired Green Beret and I find the way he recites every heinous detail of the abominations that that we have suffered to be monumentally cathartic.

He continues, “And what does that mean when I say coming for all of them? It means the most legal, moral and ethical consequences to the maximum; to include the maximum punishment for treason. I personally guarantee that they’re going to face those consequences.”


Zoe Chace: I just followed you on Twitter.

Ivan Raiklin: Which one? Ivan Raiklin?

Zoe Chace: Yes.

Ivan Raiklin: Okay. Yeah, because the other one’s still censored by Brian Auten at the FBI. Okay. So my Raiklin account is still being censored by the FBI’s Brian Auten, Laura Demlow, Joe Pientka, and Elvis Chan.

Zoe Chace: Whoa. So you started a new account?

Ivan Raiklin: No, that still exists because it was reinstated. Those are the individuals that are at the FBI that run the Censorship Industrial Complex on behalf of this illegitimate regime. Do you know those names?

Zoe Chace: No.

Ivan Raiklin: I can provide you much detail on them. They were the ones also involved in the original illegal Crossfire Hurricane spying operation on General Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort.

I have receipts on every single individual. That’s why they haven’t really come after me yet. Because if they bring me in, the entire regime comes crumbling down.

Zoe Chace: Okay.

Ivan Raiklin: So they are scared of me, not the other way around.

Zoe Chace: That makes more sense. On your Twitter bio, I noticed today it said “Secretary of Retribution”. I just wondered what that meant.

Ivan Raiklin: That means that I will guarantee consequences for a list of at least 350 individuals that are on my Deep State target list. And when you read that Deep State Target List, remember I’m an attorney and a retired Green Beret.

Zoe Chace: That I know. That I might be interested in talking with you more about is your Deep State Target List.

Ivan Raiklin: Elon Musk has it. Michael Shellenberger has it. Matt Taibbi has it. The Judiciary Committee has it. The Weaponization Committee has it. The Oversight Subcommittee that is part of the House Administration Committee has  it. The House Freedom Caucus has it. The Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, likely has it.

And it’s just a matter of time for a joint press conference to take place between Speaker Johnson and Elon Musk to go ahead and disclose and release the Twitter Direct Messages of those individuals on my Deep State Target List, proving the Seditious Conspiracy, going back to 2016; the illegal spying operation on the Trump campaign.

You’re also going to find the involvement of Mike Pence and his Chief of Staff, Joshua Pitcock in that conspiracy, along with Josh Pitcock’s wife, Catherine Seaman, who was the Senior Russia Analyst for Peter Strzok, who was one of the two individuals that was deployed by Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe to get General Flynn to lie or to get him fired, as per Bill Priestap’s notes, which was the Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI.

Zoe Chace: That’s a long list.

Ivan Raiklin: I can go in much more detail, but that’s generally the crux of it.

Zoe Chace: Do you get to meet with Jim Jordan and talk about this stuff?

Ivan Raiklin: I meet with everybody. All these guys? Every single member that you think I talk to or may talk to – I talk to them.

Zoe Chace: And what do you guys talk about? What’s the reason that you talk to them?

Ivan Raiklin: Everything that I put out publicly, I also provide that to them. And I guess what I mean is I don’t do anything behind closed doors. Everything is transparent.

Zoe Chace: What are you hoping to get out of talking to them? Why do you do it?

Ivan Raiklin: I want to guarantee Elon Musk discloses the direct messages for the Mother of all Twitter files, so that the entire country can see what just occurred to them, starting from the illegal spying operation, the corrupt DOJ and FBI.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago was to seize the evidence that was declassified by Donald Trump in the last few hours of his first term, which involved the Crossfire Hurricane details, which would list all the names that I’ve mentioned so far, whether it was Lisa Page, who was Andy McCabe’s chief counsel at the time, along with Peter Strzok, a guy by the name of Joseph Pientka III, who is currently the Number Three individual at the San Francisco Field Office. You have the special agent in charge. You have an ASAC, Assistant Special Agents in Charge. And then, you have the ASAC for counterintelligence.

That guy is a guy by the name of Joseph Pientka III, who was the second agent that was deployed to interview General Flynn on January 24, 2017, in order to get General Flynn fired or to get him to lie. That was an entrapment. And that’s the same agent that was deployed in August of 2016 to the Trump campaign, to do what they call a counterintelligence briefing, a defensive one, but with the secondary purpose in order to…(inaudible?) And this was him, Pientka, along with Trump, Chris Christie.

You know that Chris Christie’s attorney during his Bridgegate Scandal was Christopher Wray?

Zoe Chace: I didn’t know that.

Ivan Raiklin: Well, now you know. And then the third person in that meeting was a guy by the name of General Flynn. Joe Pientka was deployed by the Crossfire Hurricane leadership; authorized by the General Counsel at the time, Jim Baker, who then later became the Twitter 1.0 Number Two lawyer, to coordinate the Censorship Industrial Complex to cover up and censor and suspend those individuals that expose their corruption, okay? And it just keeps mounting and mounting and mounting, the cover-ups.

This is just yet another…They’re trying to take out Trump now, because they were able to take out their first existential threat, which was General Flynn, because he would have been the first one to go ahead and expose this level of corruption, because he knows the system.

Now that Trump knows the system, after being four years in it, he is now an existential threat to that very DOJ, the National Security apparatus.

Remember, 39 individuals unmasked General Flynn, okay? One of them was Jamie Raskin’s wife, Sarah Raskin, totally unlawful, unmasking, look that up.

The 51 individuals that said the Biden laptop had “all the earmarks of a Russian information campaign”, where your colleagues over at Fauxlitico published that on their website; one of those 51 individuals is John Brennan. Another one is a guy by the name of David Buckley. David Buckley ended up becoming the staff director for Liz Cheney’s and Benny Thompson and Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Cover-Up Committee.

Zoe Chase: So it’s a pretty small world, it sounds like.

Ivan Raiklin: So David Buckley was tasked to create a list and do his Deep State Target List of political targets. So now it’s my turn. I have a Deep State Target List and I’m coming for all of them.

And what does that mean when I say coming for all of them? It means the most legal, moral and ethical consequences to the maximum; to include the maximum punishment for treason [Death]. I personally guarantee that they’re going to face those consequences.

And you can take a look at that list.

Zoe Chace: Like, are you going to sue them? Is that what you would do?

Ivan Raiklin: Just wait for it! You will see it. It will be so visible for the entire world to see and hear.

I’ll give you some examples. I’m going to incorporate the precedence that’s already been set. So we’re going to incorporate what was done to General Flynn. We’re going to incorporate what was done to Steve Bannon, what was done to Peter Navarro, what was done to Mike Lindell, what was done to Scott Perry.

Translation: expect to see live-streamed swatting raids of every single individual on that Deep State Target List, because the precedence has already been set.

Remember, when Mike Lindell in the Hardee’s parking lot, the FB Lie went and conducted armed robbery of him in Minnesota? Remember when Peter Navarro was swatted in an airport? Remember when Steve Bannon, on multiple occasions within the US Capitol Police jurisdictional zone conducted swattings and allowed for swattings to take place of Steve Bannon and his residents? Remember the armed robbery and burglary of Roger Stone that was live streamed by your colleagues over at Criminal News Network? That we’re going to take in the collective and do that. It does not matter what happens in the election.

It does not matter who wins the election. This is going to take place at the hands of the American people, with or without an election and with or without whoever wins the election. I guarantee you that that will take place at the County and State level, because right now the Federal Government is not in a position, because of its capture and its corruption.

So imagine this: when you take a look at the direct messages and the geo-tagged location data of the 350-plus members on that Deep State Target List and then you curate that (Elon Musk) and then do geotagging of the communications and then you present those communications to name the county of the 3,143 county and county equivalents in our nation.

The 50 states and the six federal districts, right? And then you identify where a treasonous communication took place and then you present that to the local DA, similar to good ol’ Alvin Bragg. That then will create the nexus to showcase this criminal, seditious conspiracy and treason charge and that local DA, the local sheriff will then be deputizing folks like Ivan Raiklin and those of us that were thrown out of the military, because we did not comply with the illegal DNA mutilation injection, the forced DNA mutilation injection.

Zoe Chace: Do you mean the COVID-19?

Ivan Raiklin: I’m talking about the CCP-19-lab-incident-money-making scheme by Pfizer. The Pfizer Pfail, the Moderna Mutilation – or whether it was just the myocarditis-making, heart-exploding J&J jab.

So those of us that were either thrown out or left because we would not participate in the DNA mutilation of our own physiological beings, there’s 80,000 of us that are ready, willing and able in order to be deputized by appropriate sheriffs throughout the country to be participants as lawful deputies to conduct the livestream swatting raids of every single person that we can identify that conducted the necessary unlawful activity by county on my Deep State Target List.

Zoe Chace: Two questions: Where did you get the 80,000 number? My first question.

Ivan Raiklin: Yeah. So 8,600, about 8,500 approximately were thrown out of the military, because they wouldn’t do the vaccine. Because it wasn’t a vaccine. The name of vaccine, the definition changed before the Rollout and it was never approved by the FDA.

There was never a product that was approved by the FDA to then be able to coerce and manipulate into other people’s bodies. Don’t believe me, look at the footnote on FDA’s own quote unquote approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty®.  Legally distinct – and the product was never created. The Pfizer BioNTech was created – but that one was never approved. That was only under emergency use authorization. So I need to correct you on that one.

You need to do some more studying ma’am.

Zoe Chace: Okay. Next, 80,000.

Ivan Raiklin: Okay. As far as the 80,000 goes, that’s the minimum that I see of folks that left the military early through retirement; ended their careers early because of the illegal mandate that was promulgated by and enforced by the entire chain of command. Those are also going to be many of the members on the Deep State Target List; are those military leaders, quote unquote leaders.

I call them “Failures” within the Department of Defense and at the Pentagon that will face similar consequences for forcing and coercing unlawfully the mutilation of another person’s body and thus minimizing and destroying our personal readiness.

Zoe Chace: So this is all post-2020, people you’re talking about.

Ivan Raiklin: No, come on. Are you going to ask that question in that level of ignorance? 2016 Crossfire Hurricane?

Zoe Chace: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, I’m saying the 80,000 that you referenced –

Ivan Raiklin: At this point, you’re wasting my time. If you don’t even have that level of context, take a couple hundred hours to research the subject. Follow my work on rumble. Once you see that, I want you to identify one thing that I have incorrect and then you can start coming after me with questions to scrutinize it, because you have not done the necessary requisite research for me to even give you my time. So I think that’s about it.

Zoe Chace: I guess one last question. You don’t have to answer.

Ivan Raiklin: It better be intelligent.

Zoe Chace: Well, I guess that’ll be in the eye of the beholder. You were saying it doesn’t matter what happens in the election. So you don’t think you need sort of the protection of Trump’s Justice Department to do some of what you’re talking about?

Ivan Raiklin: No, because we’re going after the Justice Department. They are the enemy. That’s what you fail to understand. The individuals that I mentioned are the enemy of our Constitutional order. We’re coming for them maximally. And how we’re coming for them is because we are engaging with counties and states, in order to crush them.

Zoe Chace: Mm-hmm, like via the sheriffs, basically.

Ivan Raiklin: What do you think Alvin Bragg’s doing right now? Is that a Federal Officer? Exactly my point. Look at the counties in this country that are Red versus Blue. It is overwhelmingly Red. So, Alvin Bragg and the Dems are setting our precedent as we go on offense.

Zoe Chace: Okay. Well, thanks Ivan!

Ivan Raiklin: It’s going to be a doozy. And I love it when it gets spicy. And there are, again, out of the 80,000 of us, we are clamoring to be deputized by sheriffs nationwide, in order to conduct the necessary live stream raids. If they want to push us to that. So if I did want to follow up with you.

And I’ll say lastly. There are over 1 million service members. I’m going to say this.I – well – you said “Secretary of Retribution”.

The Secretary of Retribution consists of three divisions. Number one, the Research Arm. And should there be a mechanism where we create it, it’s going to be the first division – is, again, everything I’m telling you, I have already said it publicly. And I’ve, you know, I have many podcasts where I’ve said this.

So number one, we’re going to have a Research Arm to continue to develop our targets. Number two – and that’s going to be staffed by January 6th defendants, family members, as well as their lawyers, since they have already kind of conducted some of that research. So they’re already kind of interned, if you will, over the last three and a half years.

Number two will be the Second Division, which will include the Action Arm. The 80,000 of us that have decades of conducting this type of activity of actioning targets overseas, right?

And the Third Arm is going to consist of those that will live stream, right? Independent media, obviously not your organization, won’t be included in that, but they will ride along. They will ride along and live stream the swattings and raids.

Of the Second Division that I just mentioned that are properly and aappropriately-deputized to conduct those raids. And then the first arm is, obviously going to be the ones that create those lists. We’re just using the playbook and the precedents that has already been developed, to target those that conducted lawful first amendment activity on January 6th and everything downstream from that.

Zoe Chace: So if you say you don’t need, you know, you’re not waiting for Trump’s election, like when are you planning to do it?

Ivan Raiklin: Stand by. Just keep an eye on things.

Zoe Chace: Okay. So how could I follow up with you?

Ivan Raiklin:  So you can follow everything I do online. Everything’s public.

Zoe Chace: But like, if I wanted to ask you a question –

Ivan Raiklin: I advocate for – these people are going to experience the most peaceful and patriotic, lawful, moral, and ethical experience of their life! The swatting and the raiding sounds “scarier” than “lawful” and “ethical and peaceful”. It’s legal, moral, ethical. I said it was peaceful and patriotic. It may not be peaceful for them, but for me, it’ll be peaceful.

Zoe Chace: Okay. So, but if I message you on Twitter or something, that will be answering questions?

Ivan Raiklin: Publicly. You can comment on me, on my posts publicly. And I’m going to post this. Again, your name?

Zoe Chace: Zoe Chace.

Ivan Raiklin: Okay.

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  • Trump/ Biden different wings to the same bird…one corrupt power goes out and another corrupt power comes in…Trump continues to push the death shot he is a friend to the Zionist…all theater all a big American soap opera…nothing will change…Americans will continue to get screwed…Wake Up!

  • While we wait and hope for the return of justice, this man is causing many criminals on his list to hope that Zuckerberg has room in his bunker for them.

  • At this point, the only answer to our profound problems will ultimately have to come from the people operating from its Constitutional base of authority. The Founding fathers knew a time of state capture would come and assigned the public to take the country back when all else fails. This sounds like a modern day militia action, aimed at a feasible objective. I wish this guy the best because that certainly sounds like what he’s trying to do.

  • Hmmmmmmmmm very interesting however why talk of this? Why not remain silent and then take action? Gives the opposition a chance to find out whats going on and be prepared and it comes to a half baked farce.
    I hope this happens, then again like always nothing comes of it except cheap talk of someone trying to sound and look important. I will not hold my breath.

    • He says he does everything openly and transparently and won’t even Direct Message with her – he said ask me questions publicly, in my feed. The philosophy here is that is you have the law – and more importantly, the people – on your side, you have nothing to hide. The slow wheels of justice will prevail.

  • Wow, that was intensely interesting. This dude has his info down pat. I think he blew that anesthetized gal’s mind.

    I have a question as to why he would be telling what is in the planning. It seems like dems just do their dirty work without announcing it, but we always huff and puff and stomp around saying we’re going to do something, then it gets derailed and never happens.

    • Freedom to express. Freedom of Expression.
      What is more important, the content of the expression, or thee Right to express?

    • Ed, it’s not just wasting time and treasure on foreign wars while the nations transportation system suffers from mismanagement, the cities are being neglected, much of our cities are in a shambles. The rural countryside where I grew up has been either left to rot, or good houses and barns, natural habitats have been bulldozed to make way for absentee corporate factory farms. Our fathers have sold our heritage for a pretty penny. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, they lie moldering in their graves while their children want for peace, freedom from debt, poverty and oppression. Oh wretched men that we are who will deliver us from these lordy predators who live in golden gilded towers?

      • Its just mapping the desruction.

        Since the people can not watch it in real time.

        Unless your unluck enough to be on site.

  • I think that this is just another Carousel Ride……buy a ticket and go around.

    Go to Clown College and receive a proper brainwashing, ….then join the Circus……with follow ups to that brainwashing……this is a side show in that circus.

    This determination was made by observing and listening; key points became obvious, so my conclusion, is the first paragraph.

    Stop and have some Cotton Candy while it is still available.

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