In a ‘House of Cards’ episode, the hit political drama on Netflix that starred Kevin Spacey, one episode included a strange scene where he and other politicians and world leaders gathered in a forest all dressed in hooded cloaks and engaged in a mock human sacrifice ritual, where an effigy of a person was burned on an altar in front of a giant crow statue.

After the ritual, Spacey broke the fourth wall, speaking directly to the audience, saying this: “Look around. Some of the most powerful men in the world are gathered in this clearing, members of one of our country’s most exclusive clubs, invitation-only unless, of course you invite yourself.

“They gather here to see God between the branches of these magnificent trees. They eat together. They kiss next to each other and they carve up the world like a Sunday roast. This is where the real power is.”

Most of the viewers thought it was just a fictional plot point in the show, completely unaware that the scene was inspired by actual events and an actual place called the Bohemian Grove.

Even for those who have heard of the Bohemian Grove, most of their knowledge is limited to a few basic facts. But for those who wish to scratch beyond the surface of this subject, there is certainly a lot to be learned.

It’s a 2,700 acre, privately-owned redwood forest in Northern California, located about an hour north of San Francisco in a small town named Monte Rio and serves as a vacation spot for the Establishment every summer, in the middle of July, where the world’s most powerful men gather for a men’s retreat inside the Grove, which is kicked off with what’s called the “Cremation of Care” ritual, a human sacrifice-depicting ceremony, where a life-size effigy of a person is burned on the altar at the base of a 40-foot tall demon-looking statue.

Seriously, it’s sort of the Camp David of California with some Satanism mixed-in and was founded back in 1872. The term “Bohemian” refers to people who live non-traditional lifestyles and people who are adventurers and vagabonds…

The Bohemian Grove’s mascot, an owl is the Owl of Minerva, the same symbol that Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt used as his emblem, which I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The owl symbolizes wisdom because it can see in the dark, which is analogous to being enlightened and out of curiosity, in the past occasionally a reporter would try to sneak in the now-highly-guarded compound and some have been successful, yet little has been reported in major publications.

Membership lists program guides have sometimes been stolen and published by employees and in the 1980s, a group called the Bohemian Grove Action Network dedicated themselves to doing just that.

The patron saint of the Bohemian Grove is Saint John of Nepomuk and a large statue of him stands inside the ground, with him holding his index finger over his mouth signifying secrecy and reminding members to keep their mouth shut.

A patron saint is someone who embodies a group’s philosophies or goals and John of Nepomuk received the confessionals of the Queen of Bohemia in the 1300s and, when pressured by the king to reveal her confessions after he suspected her of cheating on him, Saint John refused and was killed by the king.

So basically, he symbolizes Robert de Niro’s gangster gospel in ‘Goodfellas’, that you never rat on your friends and you always keep your mouth shut,  which is why there’s a life-size statue of John of Nepomuk standing prominently in the Bohemian Grove.

An adviser to Presidents Ford, Nixon, Reagan and Clinton, named David Gergen, who also worked as a CNN contributor was confronted on camera by Alex Jones in the streets of New York during the 2004 Republican National Convention there, when Alex stuck a microphone in his face and asked if he had ever seen the Cremation of Care ritual. And well, he wasn’t very happy about it…

(Plays Alex Jones clip)

Well, isn’t he a little sensitive?

The club is divided into over 100 different camps inside the grounds, each one having anywhere from a dozen to around 100 different members. Each individual camp has its own sleeping quarters, kitchen, bar. Each one has a captain that’s responsible for managing that territory.

Each camp has a different name and tends to contain members who work in the same field. For example, the Hillbilly’s Camp is comprised mainly of men who work in business and bankers and politicians who are from Texas. The Mandalay Camp includes mainly political figures, such as former presidents and defense contractors.

Owl’s Nest is another elite camp of former presidents and high-ranking military personnel and defense contractors and sociologist, Peter Phillips, who earned his PhD by writing his doctoral dissertation on the Grove in 1994 – by the way, he wrote:

‘Sharing a camp together at the Grove gives Bohemian directors of major US policy councils ample opportunity to discuss current affairs and socioeconomic policy issues. Watching and listening to the reactions to the lakeside chats by various Bohemians also gives policy directors an opportunity to evaluate policy concerns, from the broad sampling of the American corporate business community encamped at the Grove. In this sense, the Grove serves as an informal evaluatory feedback process to the top socioeconomic, domestic and foreign policy councils in the United States.”

The “Midsummer Encampment”, as their annual gathering is called lasts two weeks, from the middle of July to the end of the month, with some members of guests coming for a weekend and others staying several days or even an entire week or longer.

Every afternoon during the two weeks, a lakeside chat is given at 12:30 in the afternoon, just after lunch, where a political insider or industry leader gives a 30-minute talk on his area of expertise.

And that’s just the beginning of how this club functions as a consensus-building mechanism for the ruling elite, it’s been rumored that Alan Greenspan was chosen to be nominated as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve after a meeting in the Grove and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful bid for Governor of California was given the green light by insiders in the Grove, as well.

There’s even a famous photo taken in 1967, showing Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California and Richard Nixon, who would be elected President the following year sitting next to each other, where they are said to have coordinated their political careers.

Nixon would later admit in his memoir that, quote, “Because this speech traditionally was off-the-record, it received no publicity at the time but in many important ways, it marked the first milestone on my road to the Presidency.”

Privately, however the Nixon White House tapes reveal he had other things to say about it.

(Plays Nixon tape, where he disparages the rampant homosexuality at the Grove).

Despite claiming that the Grove is just a vacation spa, no businesses conducted during the encampment, the Manhattan Project, the plan for the atomic bomb was actually hatched inside the club.

Aside from the atomic bomb being born in Bohemian Grove, the United Nations was also conceived in the Bohemian Grove, as well.

The club has a limited number of rare yearbooks that are occasionally printed for members, called the “Annals of the Bohemian Grove”, that contain photos of attendees dressed in drag, along with pictures of the Cremation of Care rituals, so the men can reminisce about their time there.

I’ve been able to obtain several copies of these since every once in a while they’ll find their way out into the public after older members die and their book collections are sold at estate sales or donated to charity in one animal there is a photograph of george Bush Senior and George W Bush standing at a podium, giving a lakeside talk in 1995, where Bush Senior reportedly told the audience that his son would make a great president one day.

The first book dedicated to exposing the Bohemian Grove was published in 1974, titled, ‘The Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats’, written by William Domhoff, a sociologist and professor who taught at the University of California Santa Cruz.

In it, he explains that upper class retreats are of a major sociological relevance, because they increase the social cohesiveness of America’s rulers and provide private settings for which business and political problems can be discussed informally and off-the-record.

25 years later, in the year 2000, Alex Jones, from InfoWars snuck inside and captured the first-ever footage of the ritual.

Well, it’s one thing to read about the ceremony. Actually seeing it leaves you with your head shaking and confirms many of the supposed rumors are true.

The footage is real and after his infiltration they beefed up security and began using thermal imaging scanners and canine police tracker dogs to identify anyone lurking around the grounds who doesn’t belong there, as this footage shows, which I shot when I went up there in 2012 to look around. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get inside, I just hung outside of the gates.

The most disturbing allegations about the Bohemian Grove don’t just lurk in the dark depths of the internet but actually come from a former US State Senator from Nebraska named John Decamp.

The allegations are so horrific, I don’t even like to talk about them, but if you can stomach them, I do detail them in my book, ‘The Bohemian Grove: Facts & Fiction’, which you should order in paperback from or download the ebook from any of the major ebook stores.

My books are obviously a lot more in-depth and hardcore than my videos, which I have to tone down a little bit, for obvious reasons. So head on over to or click the link in the description below and check them out.

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  • I have no doubt about crazy scumbags ruling the world.

    The world has been fallen and those that go with them will fall along.

  • Definitely going to read the book–love Mark Dice. Obviously not being from the elite ruling class, I know very little about the lifestyle, even though I live in California. But I do know that much of the material of interest that involves the occult such as interesting number riddles, sacred geometry, and symbolism comes from the 15th century Italian Renaissance. In other words, they didn’t create their most interesting material but essentially took it out of the Latin Middle Ages, whose achievements were the gothic Cathedrals, the art of Da Vinci, etc. This makes these freemasonic societies much more sophisticated and high brow than they would normally be, as they are the parasite class, not the creative class.

  • i have doubt about Alex Jones and what he doing. Usually they eliminate this kind of evidence and the person….


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