For years now, Justin Trudeau has been a loyal lapdog to the Communist Chinese.

While the people of Canada ceremoniously came together to condemn the CCP’s Uyghur genocide, Trudeau’s cabinet sent a single member on a Zoom call to officially abstain.

When the President of Taiwan was set to be honored by the Halifax Security Forum for standing strong against China’s relentless pressure, the Trudeau administration threatened to end their funding, if they went through with it.

Trudeau invited the Chinese Communist military to conduct winter training in Canada in 2019, less than 200 miles from the US border in Upstate New York.

The head of the Canadian military caught wind of this from the US Pentagon and called it off, which upset Trudeau, whose chief concern was offending the CCP.

Under Trudeau, Canada has been a big player during the COVID hoax.

In early 2017, billionaire, Barry Sherman, a huge supporter of Trudeau’s Liberal Party, was under investigation for shady deals with Trudeau that could have resulted in his company, Apotex, the world’s largest producer of hydroxychloroquine and Canada’s biggest pharmaceutical company being banned for 5 years for lobbying the government.

Later that year, Sherman and his wife were found hung from railings around their indoor swimming pool, with markings from being beaten and tied by their wrists.

It was officially ruled a suicide and along with Sherman, the probe died.

Apotex was able to continue doing business with Trudeau’s government and went on to provide dangerous drugs as part of their ventilator protocol.

And it was at the University of British Columbia, where the lipid nanoparticles that make the mRNA shots possible were developed.

Trudeau is a natural-born tyrant.

After less than 30,000 deaths, 0.07% of the population, Justin Trudeau has announced that all federal employees and everyone 12 or older traveling on planes, trains and cruise ships need to be fully-vaccinated. Testing negative will no longer be an option.

In Ontario, elected representative, Rick Nicholls refused and was fired.

Under new health orders in Saskatchewan, the government may now enter into any building on any land without a warrant and seize property and they are building isolation centers.

Trudeau’s government, like most governments in the West is dragging their people into a hellish reality of forced experimental drugs and a social credit score to police every movement they make for the rest of their lives, the same reality coming to you and your family, so long as humanity does nothing to stop it.

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  • I want to know how many vaccinated people have died in Canada as we do not know..and I want to know if these vaccines for children 5- 11 year olds and where the proof is that they are safe, and where is the trial study?they are now vaccinating children in schools we want these to stop, how do I sue the FDA?

  • Canadians should hunt Trudeau down and hang him like the people in Italy did to Mussolini for crimes against humanity as should the world do against all leaders who have pushed the genocide on their people

  • At what point do you think he will realize that he too is just a pawn? I am guessing at the moment he is no longer of use and he is disposed of.

  • Canada,like Australia had been systematically looted of all political and economic wealth ,by the same mechanism ,an infiltrated grand Lodge.
    The ccp did their homework when it came to taking over the blackmail options of the grand Lodge.
    Ask yourselves how two decent rich countries could slide back into colonialism so quickly!

  • Nice to see that the Dominion voting machines are working their magic in canada too because if they were banned in canada so would Trudeau. That little commy is a chip off the ol block.

  • Don’t ya just love what the chinese voting machines have brought us?
    It seems to be working like that all over the world.
    Just like vaccines all over the world are doing china’s work for them.

  • This needs to end now, this Tyrant, racist has gone too far. He is killing people for his own agenda, allowing our youth to self vaccinate without knowledge of long term effects, choking peoples lives with mandates that are impossible. We need electoral reform so Tyrants like him can be prevented from turning a great country to crap. Enough with kissing CCP ass, grow a backbone, support OUR military not other countries. Stop treating the unvaxxed like common criminals because they fear for THEIR health and finances. Some people cannot afford the time off due to rejection sickness or having to take time off because they got ill from this vaccine that isn’t a vaccine, it’s a protein spike. Vaccines are NOT synthetic, PMR testing is a scam as well. This ASS needs to be removed. Now an ultimatum, if you require medical attention and you’re not taking the Death Shot, you will be refused Medical attention. Get the CLOT SHOT or die. And What is wrong with the Governor General? That woman across the pond that is supposed to oversee thing? She needs ousted as well. Australia? New Zealand? Is anyone aware of what is going on over there? The World has had enough of this nonsense and it needs to stop now! Food and groceries are in short supply, why? Trudeau! I would personally like to spank each Liberal Voter for being unaware, uninformed and just plain stupid. Fuel costs me 33 percent more now, some days I can’t get to work due to the cost of fuel, I have diet requirements that cannot be addressed due to food shortage. I had to declare Bankruptcy due to my financial position. Thank you Trudeau for FUCKING this Country right up you spoiled and priviledged little white boy that hates WHITE Canadians and loves to kiss CCP ass. You do not belong in office, its a priviledge you do not deserve. You are the worst Prime Min ister ever and I don’t believe th QUEEN is allowing this. This tells me in big loud words that she i part of this BULLSHIT scam as well

  • This person, if you can call him that needs to be held accountable for Genocide what goes around comes around. You CANADIANS NEED TO STAND AGAINST THIS ?? His turn will come ( prison is to good for him. Thank you stay strong people of CANADA

  • Q-Post 2216 Trudeau Anything? (Amazing Polly did a great video on this post, it’s called Trudeau Anything?)
    One of the replies was 182 (Murder) and Q was pointing at the Sherman murder.
    I personally called that a double murder day one when I saw the Shermans were donors to the Clinton foundation. They were killed on Friday Dec 15, 2017 and were scheduled to meet the DOJ the following week to testify against Clinton. This smelled like Trudeau called Clinton and said send your kill squad to eliminate our common problem.
    Similar story happened again to the John and Carole Paladino who owned Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Clinton donors as well, their house blew up July 7, 2018 the week before they were to testify, coincidence – I don’t think so.
    The day Trudeau hangs beside Clinton will be a glorious celebration. I would suggest July 2 and 3 for the hangings then both countries have a 4 day holiday celebration From Canada Day July 1 until the 4th of July.

  • That rat faced Trudeau has the voice of someone who’s never done a day of honest, hard work in his life. Probably has towel warmers and eats quiche. He’d scream like Bill Gates if he also was hit in the face with a pie.


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