Matt DeHart, a 30-year-old former member of the National Guard, said he feared for his life, after obtaining evidence of CIA involvement in the 2001 anthrax attacks on Congress, alongside indications of their staging to drum up support public for the War on Terror.

For his mother, Matt’s descriptions of his interrogations were harrowing. The FBI tasered her son with a black pillowcase placed over his head, they drenched his body with cold water and administered mysterious injections, which induced wooziness, followed by amnesia.

He discovered burns all over his arms, that he did not recall receiving. He was subjected to water deprivation until he felt death closing in.

Matt said an FBI interrogator tormented him about how the child p0rn charges he was facing were bogus.

A Federal judge would later describe this tactic as a “ruse,” to punish him for reasons of “National Security.”

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