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Australia’s Sky News host, Rita Panahi questions whether Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is “OK” after she lost it at a rally in the Bronx.

“Talking about losing your grip on reality and sanity, bartender-turned-congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and a couple of far-left Democrats held a rally in the Bronx,” Ms Panahi said.

“The Democrats’ rally sadly … only had a few hundred in attendance, and they were treated to this absolute cringefest.

“Ask yourself: is AOC OK?”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • AOK does her best brandon imitation by losing her shit while paying homage to MAGA to bring back better the black magic that has been lost for pushing people to participate in the downfall of america especially deep state central casting to sell new yorkers on more displacement . the smell of deep state stank desperation is heavy on the home turf and sublime she will be twerking live on stage this time next year to get votes .

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