This video was made by FKTV subscriber, John Hankey, with whom I have a lively correspondence. He’s asked that I broadcast this video in the name of “balance”. Here’s his own description of his piece:

“Trump is the only candidate, from either party, to say GW Bush lied about ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

“But he is a salesman. Is he honestly anti-war and anti-Bush? or is this just a sales pitch, bait and switch, to win votes?

“His choice of Mike Pence as Vice President not only answers that question loudly and clearly; it suggests that if Trump does not knuckle under completely to the men he pretends to oppose, they will certainly kill him.”

I agree wholeheartedly with John’s points about Michael Pence and he does a great job of detailing how Pence is really bad news, a sort of Dick Cheney, Jr. – but I don’t agree with some of John’s disparaging portrayals of Trump, here.

When I watch Trump’s unrelenting speech about Hillary Clinton’s shockingly wanton graft, where he demands that President Obama not pardon Hillary, he doesn’t sound like a guy who’s going to “knuckle under”, anytime soon. So, if he manages to override the tampered voting machines and actually win, there’s no telling what might happen to him or to us.

As economist, Catherine Austin Fitts says – and John Hankey would agree: “We have a ‘deep state’ that…is out of control and has engineered a significant financial coup d’etat. All signs indicate that the deep state would like to engineer serious institutional changes after the election.”

However, the uploader of this second clip, ProjectClarity believes that the accelerating criticism of Clinton’s criminality, not just by Trump but by judges, prosecutors, mayors, governors, senators; some of the most highly respected people in government, suggest that the “fix” for Hillary’s win may not succeed, after all.

ProjectClarity suspects a strategy here; that FBI Director James Comey was told by Obama and the Clintons that even if he recommended an indictment, it was never going to happen.

In Comey’s announcement, he essentially prosecuted and convicted Hillary in the first 15 minutes and spent the last 2 minutes, saying that he couldn’t recommend an indictment because she’s above the law. He essentially laid out all of the details of her reckless and criminal behavior so that Trump could convict her in his speeches. But if Hillary were to be indicted before the election, Obama could pardon her. Therefore, indictments of Bill, Hillary and others cannot take place until after Trump is sworn in.

ProjectClarity may be engaging in some wishful thinking but as Catherine Austin Fitts wrote recently:

“The arrogance and hubris of the American political class makes for a hopeless situation. The Clintons and those who have gotten rich by rigging government money and debt need to be moved aside, no matter how risky the alternatives. Sticking with the status quo means hopelessness…

“…this refusal to hold individual leaders accountable has literally broken the hearts and drained the spirits of millions of honest, hard working men and women who have stood in the breach to protect you and me from this criminality throughout the public and private sectors. This corruption and loss of mind by the general population is the greatest threat to the covenant that stands behind our commitment to the principles of freedom. It is essential that it end for real change to begin.

“Will we continue to support the leadership of a psychopathic system that is draining life in its many forms from this planet? Trump is an unknown who could do real damage to our system of laws, but some change is better than no change. High risk is preferable to hopelessness.

“Crime that pays is crime that stays.”

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  • This is stupid and uninformed. Trump kept Pence close to him so that Pence would expose himself for the trader he has always been! And that is now proving itself in 2021! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

  • Donald Trump is a dangerous unknown, but Hillary Clinton is a dangerous unconvicted criminal. We have an unsavory choice in this presidential election. Neither one deserves to be president. Neither one should have their trigger finger on the most dangerous weapons in the world.

  • Great video…connecting dots which have disappeared into the rabbit hole of history/memory and that prove, without doubt, that there are no rose colored glasses possible any longer.

  • As I’ve said in the past, there is no one to vote for! Lots of luck folks, no mater who “wins” this fake election, we are screwed.

  • Thought the editorial was spot-on. I completely agree. Also, somewhat surprised anyone else had sized-up the situation in much the same way.

  • This site is firmly embedded in the false paradigm of divide and conquer. No person in their right mind would spend this much time analyzing two clucking idiots. Why would anybody support and endorse this unwholesome and destructive election event?

    The president is only a hood ornament. The selection for president is made years in advance from an ever changing list of groomed candidates.

    Humans, especially Americans, are suffering from a profound state of stupidity …

    • LaGrange…what your erudite mindset misses is the need, the profound need, for the masses to wake up to just how powerful the tsunami we face truly is. This site is the opposite of your failure to see, or maybe is it, you ability to deflect?

      • I got news for you Doaks, nobody is going to wake up while participating in the false election event. To support and endorse this election will profoundly re-enforce your slumber. The election is a theatrical performance, delivered with the intent of programming the population. Perhaps it is you that is suffering from poor vision and “deflection”.

    • LaGrange, I totally agree with your statements about the “hood ornament” factor of the POTUS. I disagree with you about me/my site (we are practically one and the same at this juncture, although this will change) being firmly embedded in the “false paradigm of divide and conquer.” It appears that you skipped over my paragraph about the Deep State and are generally unfamiliar with what I write about. The election season has an enormously polarizing effect on anyone that gets caught in its tractor beams, such that even while you decry the validity of the electoral process (and we AGREE), you position yourself as an antagonist of this site. This polarization that turns us into caged rats is what really needs to be looked at.

      • Like I said, this site supports and endorses the divide and conquer or “polarizing” election event …

        All you have to do is ignore it. But then again, we are so hopelessly addicted to the entertainment value of the media event, that we find it impossible to ignore.

        There is a reason why television broadcasts are called “programs”.

  • As far as Trump’s choice of Pence for VP, I agree he made a HUGE mistake there. Regardless of what voting group Pence might appeal to, it almost certainly puts a certain target on his back from the NWO crowd should Trump actually gain the Presidency.

    He should have taken Jesse Ventura’s somewhat joking, but not really advice that if he ran he would pick someone like Howard Stern as his running-mate. He later explained that what he meant by that is that the first rule of picking a VEEP is to pick someone who is even more abhorrent to TPTB than HE is in order to avoid a JFK/Johnson or Reagan/Bush moment of getting himself assassinated in order to allow ascendancy of #2.

    NOT happy with thought of either Pence or Kaine as President, as I do not think Hillary, even if elected, will be able to continue throughout even her first term, should she win. Kaine is thoroughly in the pocket of the Saudi’s, as are Obama and Hillary, and Pence is a ghastly choice as well.

  • I received Alexandra Bruce’s “Forbidden Knowledge” posts for years before finally getting the opportunity to meet her in person last fall at the “Secret Space Program” conference in Bastrop, TX. There, she totally blew me away. I always enjoy the vids she showcases but, even more, I appreciate her short-but-always-right-on preface to those vids.

    If you aren’t reading Alexandra’s comments, you are missing the best part, in most cases.

    You GO, Girlfriend! 🙂

    Shari ^i^ aka Ramura

  • Yes. Trump is for real. Pence was necessary. He could not run within the Republican Party structure with zero show of willingness to meet at least a few of the criteria THEY must meet as the Right Wing of the globalist-owned political bird.

    Trump accomplished 2 important objectives through the Pence selection.

    1- He satisfied the party hierarchy they have their puppet in place should something happen to Trump
    2- Pence has the approval of the conservative Christian voting block. The Pence pick gets the Republican Get Out The Vote engine purring.

    Yes. Trump is a salesman. Who better to undertake the task of defeating a powerful foe than one whose skills have been honed through sharp observation? Who else – in this time – could have knocked out 16 contestants to become Nominee? Ron Paul wasn’t even allowed to give a speech at the convention when he tried to do what Trump has managed to do.

    Of course there are questions concerning Trump’s hidden motivations. If these simply reaffirm his commitment to put America first then he will be protected by forces greater than those who wish to kill him. If these are not what he says they are then – if he wins – he won’t win a second term.

    This is a clear “winner take all” scenario for America or Globalism. Look at the globalist candidate – she’s held together by strings. She can barely control her movements. She totters – just like the central banking financial system, the wars everywhere, the Muslim invasion being rejected by national states – and that’s before we take a look at the candidate herself – an emanation of pure evil, hubris and sense of entitlement who’s melting before our eyes despite all that Rothschild cash.

    As uneven a candidate as Trump is he is at least fully human, loves life, has many positive traits writ large – and negative traits that can be tolerated if he sticks to his word and gets this globalist enslavement agenda turned back.

    Right now I’m willing to take the chance he’s fully human and will represent humanity at large and his country, if elected.

    • A con artist is a con artist. Donald Trump’s agenda is his own. He said to his campaign staffers when he began his campaign his intent was to make a point, not to win. He told them to get him 12% of the vote. He needed to run his companies, so how could he actually run for president. A position even ambitious Trump knows he is not suited or prepared for in actuality. This may sound crazy but since Trump talks often about the art of the deal, what if, Trump made a deal with Hillary Clinton. To run opposite her but be as outrageous as possible. Say stupid and hateful things so he would attract the racist fools of America. He knew how to con the fearing segment of America into supporting him. He knew his supporters would believe whatever he said because they would blindly follow. Even though the Donald lies so consistently fact checkers have stated Trump lies 99% of the time. Look at his choice of a VP (who is a Hitler like individual), indicating either Trump is also the new Hitler since he picked such a horrific VP choice. Clearly Trump and Pense must have some common ground or appear to be in synch. Trump seems to be doing everything possible not to win, even obviously being unprepared for the first debate between himself and Hillary Clinton (another con artist and criminal).

      Trump has been putting on a clown show since he was hoisted as the Republican candidate, even though many Republicans do not support him. Seems there is a bigger plan going on behind the scenes than meets the public eye. As Liam says “Trust No one.” And certainly not two con artists.


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