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Many people suspect that the coronavirus is being used as the scapegoat for a financial collapse, which Spiro Skouras believes will then be used as the excuse to usher in a new monetary and financial system of control.

Spiro’s research echoes my own observations about the convergence of Agenda 2030, Modern Monetary Theory, the blockchain, the end of the petrodollar and a new financial system based on a centralized inventory of assets and resources, including living beings and their genomes. Everything is to be put on a blockchain to become trackable nodes on the Global Information Grid (GIG).

He says, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a program, which will soon offer an at-home testing kit for the coronavirus…[Bill Gates] must be an expert, considering his foundation co-hosted Event 201, the United Nations’ pandemic simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, which preceded the actual corona virus outbreak by about six weeks and also coincided with the United Nations-themed World Military Games, which took place in Wuhan, China [the] ground zero of this outbreak…

“If you believe you’ve been exposed to or infected by the virus, you can simply just go online and fill out a questionnaire and the test will be delivered to you within two hours.

“It doesn’t specify how the test will get there, who’s gonna deliver it, whether it’s coming by drone. We don’t know. It’s just ‘It’ll be there in two hours.’ That’s pretty impressive…

“The results will be available within two days and will be shared with local health authorities so they can track your movements and your contacts, making it easier for health officials to locate others who may need to be tested and/or quarantined, as well as to track the virus, itself and its spread and possibly identify other potential hotspots.

“This sounds a bit Orwellian to me but after all, it is a public health emergency, so I guess extreme circumstances call for extreme measures, right?

“They state the intent for this program to expand to a state level and beyond, eventually. What I get out of this is it sounds to me like they are building a database to track potentially infected people – and not just any database but a DNA database – realistically, that has this potential because they will collect your DNA once they swab your nose and conduct this test…

“When you start to look into other programs that Gates is involved in, we start to see a trend and this starts to raise some red flags for me. For example, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have also funded an invisible biometric tattoo program to identify vaccinated people, which can be given at birth or throughout any time in your life.

“And this was designed to be able to track entire nations of people now could this program be related to or at least at some point integrated into the program and the database that we were seeing the Gates Foundation setting up right now, in the United States regarding the coronavirus?

“It’s anybody’s guess. We’ll have to see but this isn’t the only example. Another program that’s connected to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the ID 2020 program, which is a program that claims that roughly 1 billion people on Earth are ‘in danger’ because they have no internationally-accepted form of identification.

“So, those people who are ‘at risk’ include people who are affected by a refugee crisis, which, of course the current migrant crisis or refugee crisis that we have been seeing over the past several years appears very well to be an engineered crisis, using weapons of mass migration to destabilize nations.

“And we’re seeing this take place. Others, they state are at risk are people who don’t have medical records documented anywhere or birth records. So, they want to be able to track your birth records, your medical records and which life-saving vaccines you may potentially need with this biometric, invisible tattoo that they’ll be able to imprint on you and scan and log into their databases. This is no joke…

“This program is not only funded by Microsoft – and Bill Gates separately – but Gates actually founded one of the main organizations named Gavi, which is leading this program. Other partners include Accenture, which is a Ripplenet partner, the Rockefeller Foundation and multiple branches of the United Nations, including its international computing Center, which will likely be running to some degree the international database.

“This digital ID system will track everyone and everything using blockchain technology and not only will it provide medical history on you via the biometric tattoos or implanted microchips which they mentioned in these reports, it will also be used for employment and background checks and will most likely be tied to your social credit score and even your bank accounts.

“If you want to be able to do business, buy or sell things or even be employed, you will likely have to be integrated into the system. This is why I believe that this current health crisis is no accident. It aligns with all of their goals. As we can see, right here on the United Nations’ own website. For its 2030 agenda goal number 16.9: ‘By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.’

“This is exactly what these programs are being set up to do and they’re being funded right now by people in organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations and many others.

“They are rolling out these programs, using this current crisis as cover. Cover for their new digital financial system. Cover further new global governance programs.

“I’ve reported on this numerous times and we just get more and more confirmation every day. This is all connected. We can see the same players involved, under every rock that we look under…

“The central banks will integrate almost two billion people, which they call ‘the unbanked’ into this new system of slavery, in partnership with the UN, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Bill Gates. These are the social engineers, with their technocratic plan for Full Spectrum Dominance and it’s happening right now. This is why we are seeing this censorship take place. This is why they have tried to silence me and others in the past.

“Please share this information before it’s too late, as if it’s not too late already.

“Follow my work on BitChute, Twitter, ActivistPost. I really do appreciate ActivistPost and all the other sites out there who do post my work. I don’t get paid to do this. I’m not running ads. It’s actually costing me money and precious time to make these reports.

“Stay tuned for much more.”

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  • Thanks for making us aware of the ever active and totally creepy Bill and Melinda Gates. I mentioned in another comment that the undocumented in California live off a cash economy, so it might not be easy for the Democrats to get rid of cash. On the other hand, the Democrats love vaccination, can hardly wait to get everyone up to date with all their legislation menacing state after state. Hmm at one point I thought the vaccines were made in China (thanks to Mrs. Clinton who gave them a special deal for a donation). Wouldn’t it be great if the whole thing collapses due to lack of vaccine material from the large Chinese vats–disgusting and no doubt contaminate with COVID-19

  • It is also GENOCIDE. On the link by Naughty Beaver, the entire video is great, but pertaining this message begin at the 20 minute mark with Dolores Cannon speaking about bio-weapons.

  • Fear, fear, fear. What a load of shit the news is, but the CDC corruption is being exposed, so that’s good.

    Of course the market is crashing. See who shorted the losers – there’s your conspiracy – just like with 9/11. Anyone know a good research video on the 9/11 stock shorters? Or the “Beer Bug” shorters?

    Try to put into context the flu kills tens of thousands of elderly & infirm every year:

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