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Internet of Bodies – MAC Addresses for People Seen on Bluetooth

The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.

This nano-network described by Andersen is the one that would allow the neurostimulation of the population through a network designed for this purpose.

Many indications confirm that neuromodulation is the real purpose of the operation behind the global inoculation, ranging from the enactment of neuro-rights laws in some countries to the structuring of the same nano-network that is being deciphered, which would be a very advanced military technology.

Remember that we’re talking about a technology that’s being decrypted, but it’s a very advanced military technology. And, of course, developed behind the back of civil society. In fact, behind the backs of 80% of civil society who think that this is a vaccine. So the first thing, as I say, is to reset all the information and provide the correct information, even if it’s shocking. In the topology of the nano-network we talk about nanonodes, nanosensors, nanocontrollers, and nanointerface.

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