60 Minutes Australia is a million times better than the original US franchise and their blockbuster report on Ghislaine Maxwell is a million times better than anything that will come out of the US, where everybody in the media is bribed, blackmailed and compromised.

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  • British and Australian Governments packed with paedophiles, deep state control enables them to continue with their corruption through Blackmail

  • Bohemian Grove where they sacrifice, in effigy, a child to Moloch (Satan); what is really going on amongst these rich and famous people of industry, government, and entertainment? Who amongst these monsters, and I mean monsters, had ties to Epstein and Maxwell?

  • So is it a limited hangout? I remember reading a strange article that contained a part about a designer visiting Epstein, Ghislaine in Florida. She was picking up a guy, Ford by helicopter.
    Were they trafikking children for adoption, ect. ect.? Why only focus on the Guifre? There were Eastern Euro girls, a bunch of tunnels destroyed on the island, and a huge mountain of evidence that this was/is a Mossad type operation to blackmail US/International Elites.
    Making it a focus only on the single depravity misses the larger picture and therefor is a limited hangout in my opinion.

  • I can’t wait to see what unveils next.
    This was much better than the Netflix documentary in my opinion….
    Although I learned quite a bit from it.
    Blessings everyone


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