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The first times I ran videos about chemtrails, I would receive threatening emails in all-caps from purported US Air Force Lieutenants. This was back in 2010 and 2011.

Then, there was a sudden shift a few years ago, whereby chemtrails became less of a secret and the threatening emails stopped.

But the chemtrails, themselves haven’t stopped and judging by these images, there are dozens of contractors bidding on having their dispersion technology be the go-to method to get the job done.


Alexandra Bruce

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  • I feel the need to point out that jet aircraft produce WATER VAPOUR trails as a by-product of COMBUSTION
    When Hydrocarbons are burnt (as in aviation fuel) they produce carbon dioxide and water vapour. In cold air that water vapour CONDENSES and it is visible as an exhaust trail behind jet aircraft
    Just sayin…

      • Sorry, but the whole “contrail” concoction is ridiculous. What you are looking at is water vapour that has condensed into droplets and is therefore visible… Exactly like clouds.
        The assertion that “contrails disappear” vs chemtrails remaining visible has no basis in atmospheric physics, and nothing to do with reality.
        The visibility and persistence of water vapour condensate from jet engine exhaust is dependent upon atmospheric temperature, air pressure, humidity and wind currents. That explains the variability in observed phenomena.

        Seriously, I don’t mean to be rude, but you people are stupid. Water in the sky is the least of your worries, believe me!

  • These are actually ballast tanks installed on new aircraft for testing center of gravity movements while in flight. They are self contained with no means of distribution outside of the pressure vessel of the cabin.

    Go on an keep your tin foil hats on. I’ll go about my life knowing that chem trails are actually contrails.

  • A Canadian armed forces intelligence officer told us at Toronto Street News that it was U.S. “tankers” that flew over Canada to spray chemtrails. He said Canada did not have such planes. I don’t know if he was referring to the Canadian armed forces or just any private contractor.
    This was in 2010. We certainly get chemtrails here but not as many as when we visit the U.S. border at Niagara Falls. / suffered 4 arson attacks / 3 fatalities / 2 attempts on my life / Toronto Street News

  • I quote “The first times I ran videos
    about chemtrails, I would
    receive threatening emails
    in all-caps from purported
    US Air Force Lieutenants.
    This was back in 2010 and

    Did you know impersonating government officials is an Act of Felony. If you cannot provide significant evidence of the emails exchange – this is punishable by death in some states.

    However, if there significant evidence of the email exchange, that would an Act of Treason against the government officials, also punishable by death in some states.

    Author – please contact me with the evidence of the exchange. Else I will be filing a report against this site within five working days to the US government.

    I hope you do not live in the United States of America.

    King Regards,

    • Are you saying that you hope that *I* don’t live in the US?

      I don’t know that I saved these emails from 6+ years ago.
      I can look.

      Their email addresses were from Air Force domains.

    • Hey Michael, are you really able to have regular bowel movements? With a sphincter as tight as your’s seems to be, I’m worried for you. Take your silly mindset threats and ‘make like a tree n leave’…ey?

  • Hello, again! Until I relocate to NC and find a place to live, go only to the public library for Internet access.

    Got a grayed out UNHAPPY face instead of an active video on CHEMTRAILS. Just wanted you to know.


    • Sorry you are in a location that does this. Just wanted to say that I am in Atlanta at a Fulton County library and had no problem watching the video.

  • Why do the pilots do it? For money they will not live to spend? Why would an “every-day-Joe” want to poison his neighbor or wife and kids? I am completely baffled; if no one agreed to fly these planes then no chemtrails…sounds easy enough…but then “they” would order some military grunts to do it, then after the grunts come down with cancer they could just find some more, etc., etc.

    • Of course they do it for money! Most of The Power That Be’s puppets act for money, some do it for power with the remainder being paid off with sexual gratification. If the latter is perverse and filmed future actions require less leverage. You may ask where is their conscience? They have sold it with their soul. We are in an awful situation where the people in power are phsycopaths.
      I treated the first reports of chemtrails with sceptisism as I was worried that they were dis-info to suck the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who would then be ridiculed. It is heart breaking to realise the chemtrail program is a reality and even more upsetting when you broach the subject to most people you are ridiculed. Even so it is imperative that we continue to try and open people’s minds to the reality outside celebrity do-do, blanket sport and cup cakes.

  • So now that you have photo documentation, what are going to do about it!!!!
    What’s in these tanks???
    No one knows?
    Time for you to take this higher up the food chain. ACLU, Greenpeace, Al Gore?????

  • And… the willfully ignorant and completely stupid “believe” (because an official announcement has not made that we are being sprayed) the lines in the sky are contrails. They will argue about it till they are blue. Surrrrre, the US Air Force and their contractors stuff planes full of huge chemical barrels with dispersal systems so they can fly around doing nothing. There is no reasoning with such individuals.

      • This is so very true and right to the heart of the problem. Hope those that read your comment know about the origins of “useless eaters”. I will keep flashing your words on the inside of my mind when I am told that chemtrails are contrails. A friend did not believe and later made a point to say that she asked someone in her family who was “well connected in government” about the subject. He said chemtrail stories were false. Gee… what a surprise. Good grief… do other people ever look UP. Willfully ignorant… what a perfect description. Thank you!!

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