Josh del Sol, Director of the award-winning film, ‘Take Back Your Power’ is back with this empowering film series. The InPower series is about harnessing the power of liability and taking the practical, legal steps for communities to rid themselves of the radiation-and-surveillance meters known as SmartMeters.

How can we rid ourselves of this “invasive and dangerous technology”? Josh and his interviewees give us a 40-minute overview of the “Notice of Liability” process, which is in effect a counter-offer to those energy corporations and how we can hold the individuals in the offending corporations accountable. Future episodes will delve deeper into this process.

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  • Wow, I’m starting to like this new suit! I have been so complicit with this situation for years, because not many seemed concerned, least of all my landlord. I should have gotten the radiation meter app long ago, to determine just how much of an impact I’m getting through the wall, via my receiver, the cell phone, or my body. One woman’s heart monitor stopped, as she sat on the couch, nearby that wall. I never liked the idea of firing all those meter readers, either, for the sake of the utility company’s convenience—-at the expense of my health. Make the Shift! Thanks.

  • Awesome work, Josh! Way to get out there and address this issue, which has been like a silent epidemic. Silent no more!

  • Interesting, I had started to think that they didn’t care about obeying the law but it looks like they do. I mean they REALLY do care about it.

  • wow going to 3.20 were the Jew boy (AIPACs toy boy) shows who really are running Washington & there criminal agenda War War War.911 is still the Biggy.


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