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    ‘Incontrovertible’ is a film made for the purpose of acting as a practical aid in combatting mainstream media’s propaganda and its outlandish lies about the 9/11 attacks.

    This is becoming an increasingly important task today, as countries like France enact legislation to censor websites expressing views with dissenting views from official propaganda and mega-corporations, like Google are forced to lose money and to dishonor their own founding principles by changing their Terms of Service, in order to put independent journalists out of business.

    The film focuses on the honest, candid views of police officers, firefighters and soldiers, as they express their incredulity and dismay over the official explanation for the events of 9/11.

    Importantly, this film was made with the express purpose that it be viewed by police officers, firefighters and all those serving in the armed forces, as it is the belief of the filmmaker, Tony Rooke that this group of people may be the most strategically-positioned to change mass perception to one that is more realistic.

    If you have friends or family who are serving in any of these and other first-responder capacities, the filmmaker asks that you please pass this film along to them.

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    • We have known for some time that the official story is a cover up. What we have to do is stop being vague about who is responsible. To claim that it was an inside job, or that the government did it is not saying anything at all. In fact it is worse since there isn’t anyone to prosecute. We need to know exactly WHO conceived this plan and exactly who helped to implement it. Then we need to know WHY any human within our society would actually play a part in committing such an act. We have all heard and realize that for evil to prevail all it takes is for good men and women to be silent. We need to know why so many within our society are so easily fooled into believing lies despite ample evidence of the truth. Some thing tells me that the church and religion have a lot to do with our apparently willing blindness.

    • Anyone who thinks the columns ‘sheared’ does not understand shearing. Shearing always occurs in the direction of the applied force. Vertical forces produce vertical shearing. Vertical shearing would have sheared the couplings and left the columns standing.

    • Democrat bs… All of you need to pull your heads out of each others south ends and get some fresh oxygen so you can think straight…

    • To Laurence Smith: Sorry to inform you but those who pulled off 9/11 have perpetrated other false flag attacks since then. Please research Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, 7/7 London bombing, recent Paris attacks, San Bernardino, CA shootings, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few others. It has been 14 years, after all.

    • Yes. They sure do have the capability for post hypnotic suggestion. They used it that day on all who tuned in by radio or tv. They have used the massive amounts of info they received from the Germans scientist the government brought over after WW 2. In a mission called Paperclip to not only achieve the atom bomb, but to use sophisticated mind control on the masses. Investigate. You will find exactly what they did to you. There were no planes, therefore there were no people you saw on them.

    • There is a collusive covenant between the mass media and the political class that the American people are better off believing the govt fairytale about Arab hijackers, etc. A plot that was clearly over-staged! They believe it is in the best interest of Americans not to think that their own govt would engage in murderous plots against them to advance any political objective.

      On the contrary, if Americans knew there were govt traitors and they had been prosecuted it would send a message to future or current politicians not to concoct any future false flag operations.

      9/11 happened 14 years ago when the Internet did not have the mass exposure it has today, so if the govt were to pull off another false flag operation it would be almost impossible not to be exposed.

    • I am trying to decide whether I should post this video on Facebook. When I have posted videos that raise questions like what happened to the unexploded bombs at the Federal Bldg in Oklahoma City, I get criticized for promoting “conspiracy theories” and most of the people will absolutely not watch or read anything that suggest that our beloved government might have been involved in the 9/11 black flag event.

      I think the people who do not want to entertain the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job, do not want to believe it. They absolutely do not want to believe that our own government would do such a heinous thing.

    • We can’t change the past, we can only learn from it and step forward into the future armed with the wisdom and knowledge to make a better world for everyone.

    • I can not watch this again, I am so pissed off at the powers that be, and still I see no way to change what our children will have to live through. Rome has fallen, no survivors, quick bury it, nobody will know just tell more lies, we don’t want the truth out there. I know the truth, most who watch this film will know the truth, if they didn’t before. Is there HOPE for this country of ours? There are good people out here, maybe ……… oh, hell! How do you bring down a steel frame building with jet fuel, it has not happened yet. And it will not.

    • I was living in Sunset Park Brooklyn NY USA. I going up the stairs from walking my dogs at 8:30 or so on 9/11. I saw a jet plane, blue and white flying so low under the radar, that I could see the people’s faces in the window. The plane was flying so low the ground and buildings shook and the sound was so very loud, it rumbled in my ears. Then it turned left toward Manhattan The dogs were out 0f their mind because they was afraid I was going to call police when I got upstairs, but when I turned on the tv, I knew what I had seen. i could not believe it. Could they have done some post-hypnotic suggestion or something along that line?

    • Really good info but unbearably boring – too bad the narrator is such a turnoff – really ruined it for me.

    • I left NYC in 1990 because I was warned by an arab cab driver about the 9/11 event coming. NYC was filled with apathetic cops, who refused to do anything for actual crime, but they went into parks and clubbed homeless people with black tape over their badge numbers, and got paid vacations for it…no surprise their they were already prepped and ready to work for the payer and no one else, they knew where their bread was buttered. At the time I thought it was gentrification greed, now I know it was a psy-ops to test their psychological temperament for bigger plans, the nazi learned their lessons and are carrying it forward. Apply how livestock animals are treated and you can understand human psychology completely. Whoever pulls the strings, uses this awareness to just turn the predation a tiny bit to “other” in humans

    • 9/11 will never go away until the truth is known. And it will…..take maybe 50 years.But it will be known. Long after the political spin masters, war mongers and bankers have been laid to rest.It took 50 years to know that the Pearl Harbor attack was anticipated but ignored because America wanted into WW ll. No one noticed at the time that four valuable Carriers were at sea that day. 2500 good Americans died for that contrived issue. 9/11 was contrived so that America’s worst ever war mongers Bush/Cheney contrived WMD so they could invade Iraq. Over 3000 good Americans died for that lie. We know all about false flags…something America is totally professional at creating. We are seeing the end of another “Great Empire” crumbling before our eyes. We wont see it but our Grandchildren will. Unfortunately, “the powers that be” wont go quietly. Another devastating War will be necessary to the regret of EIGHT BILLION souls

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