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    It appears that Turkey is preparing to exit NATO in the wake of the failed CIA coup against President Erdogan’s regime.

    In a development that will turn the world geopolitical order upside down, Turkey and Russia are considering military ties and discussions are occurring about making Incirlik Air Base available to the Russian Air Force. The base is primarily used by the US and Turkish Air Forces and to a lesser extent by Great Britain’s Royal Air Force, as as well as the Royal Saudi Air Force. It is also the location where 50 US nuclear weapons are stored, jus 70 miles from the Syrian border.

    Turkey is pre-empting any excuse by the US to finish off their half-cocked coup attempt by saying they want to return the nuclear warheads which have been stored at Incirlik for 50 years but neither the US nor NATO, would never stand for the Russians having access to Incirlik – but what is NATO for, anyway? The Cold War ended 20 years ago and many Eastern Block members, especially are chafing to leave.

    This is a very penetrating and exciting discussion between James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras about Turkey’s pivotal role in the world’s most volatile region.

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