Comedian, JP Sears knocked this one out of the park, in this episode of Ultra Spiritual Life on his AwakenWithJP channel.
“That salad’s totally grossing me out!”

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  • I’ve been a Vegetarian six years in rebellion to all the poisonous chemicals all manufacturers put in every category of meat in this country while “Approved” by the corrupt FDA! I also abstain from milk, eggs, corn and many other foods for the same reason! —-J.P. Sears is unique and laughable because he’s so “Stone-faced” when saying the most ridiculous things; absolutely “no reaction” from him, even while holding a piece of meat during serious conversation. Thank you for sharing his videos.

    • That’s is O.K. with me, as long as you are not THROWING it in my face ??
      You eat Rabbit Food, & I’ll eat carnivorous food ..

  • This is actually a very good piece of work. I laughed so much that I had to share it with my friends (some of which are angry vegans) just to see how ‘tolerant’ they are now! HA!:-)

  • People should eat exactly what they want. If someone wants to willingly deprive themself of meat, fine. I could only do a vegan diet if forced to by some Great Depression-type scenario, otherwise I’ll continue to eat all types of meat and anything else I want to. Animals choose to incarnate as livestock knowing full well what they’re getting into.

  • JP Sears is a genius! If you ever need to cheer up just watch one of his videos. There is so much fun to be had when playing with the meat eater/vegan paradigm interface. I’m a vegan who lives in a beef/dairy farming area.

  • This was pretty funny!
    Not meant to be taken too seriously folks. I think everyone should leave others’ lifestyle menus alone. Each industry has much to be responsible for. Lately there has been a lot of E-coli contamination in veggies…..there has always been lax inspection of humane treatment and sanitation in the meat industry. I think our whole food processing methods need critical reviews. Both industries have to be brought into a more acceptable and healthy system to be of value to the masses.
    In any event our wasteful ways of both food resources will be to our detriment. If anything has to have another look, lets take a hard look at what goes into our foods!

  • Yeah, he’s really funny.

    But I have to say, as a vegetarian, I find it irritating when meat-eaters insist that I should eat meat, because they say so. Especially because I know that if I said: “I’m not eating meat because it’s Lent and I’m a devout Christian”, that would be the end of it and they wouldn’t dream of pressing the issue. Why do ancient religions get a “do not cross” line that more modern beliefs do not?


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