Former CIA contractor, Tore Maras has some interesting observations about the Chinese spy balloon, reminding us that the balloon is hovering near Minot Air Force Base is in North Dakota, which is where US nuclear missiles are located and that, coincidentally, China has purchased a ton of real estate in the area, estimating that China owns up to 50% of the real estate in Fargo, North Dakota, which they bought through venture firms.

Tore has some chilling words to say about the endgame for us, here in America…

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  • This woman’s “former intelligence”. She’s intelligence. If she says it’s daytime, assume it’s night.

  • This was terrible. You have this woman who can’t even be bothered to take out her supposed documents and prepare an outline before making a video presentation, claiming various random connections and spouting buzzwords before, completely out-of-the-blue, saying our government is going to nuke us, with no source or evidence to back up her statement. Just her saying something. Please do better, Alexandra. Thanks, Eli.

  • And the point is…so she can say “I told you so”?

    If she doesn’t have a solution, it’s like being stuck on RR tracks with jammed door locks and telling the kids in the back seat ” Hey, look kids, there’s a train coming, we’re all going to die!” Really?

    Kinda click-baity to my mind.

  • This info does not comport with other reports stating the balloon hovered over Malmstrom AFB, in central Montana. That’s a long way west of Minot.

    Also, I recall Robert Salas talking about unusual ufo activity around missile silos at Malmstrom, I believe in the mid-sixties, but am not aware of similar activities around Minot.

    Might there be more than one balloon involved?


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