Boogaloo is a genre of Latin music that arose in New York in the 1960s, melding African American and Cuban pop styles. “I Like It Like That” is the biggest Boogaloo hit record ever, originally recorded by Pete Rodriguez in 1967. “I Like It Like That” has been covered many times, most recently by emerging Dominican-Trinidadian-American Rap star, Cardi B. with Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

This eye-popping dance video, set to Cardi B.’s cover of “I Like It Like That” was choreographed by Matt Steffanina, incorporating elements of breakdancing, ballet, Voguing and Busby Berkeley and it was filmed in just one day.

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  • To me…
    Boogaloo will always be Ozone, Turbo and Kelly (my dance teacher’s daughter–trivia: who was fired from Solid Gold because she wasn’t sexy enough).

  • Superb dance moves…. a snap shot of how dance can show us how people of all ages, sizes and genders can represent how our world should work….and have great fun and enjoyment not only for the dancers but for those of us who would love to dance like that.
    It’s a fitting video for our upcoming Holidays….in Canada Thanksgiving is upon us and I find it a great salute to everything we should be thankful for.
    To have the freedom to express what’s bubbling around inside of you.
    Go for it and thanks for sharing……beats hatred, racism, ignorance & despair all to hell. Thank you for giving us this gift.


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