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    Elon Musk at it again with the Hyperloop. He’s too busy to develop this himself, working on so many other projects but his basic plan exists and various teams working on it, after having the basic plans and handed over them to the open-source community.

    Musk assures us that 700 mph travel between cities at medium distances from each other in the Hyperloop is very simple and straightforward and that even his assistants could carry it out (if they had the time).

    He didn’t come up with the idea, itself, which is actually a bit older than you’d think. Here’s a look at the progress of a few different groups, working to make this come to life.

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    • Truly a Revolutionary idea in travel! Hope N pray it is not shot down by Commercial interests of Private individuals!

    • No, Jona. The model featured runs on electricity generated by solar energy from the panels that line the roof of the vacuum tunnel. It’s as much a power generator as a system of transportation. It will generate more electricity than it uses.

    • i’m 80 , so unfortunately i’m not going to get the chance to experience this but it is fascinating . whats more important it should take internal travel in most countries out of the hands of the highly polluting airlines . i especially like the way it has been thrown open to everyone to develop . i just hope that this will prevent its monopolisation and exploitation by any one group , so that it stays a mass transportation mode not just for the rich.

    • This appears to be reliant on petroleum. (batteries and turbines, etc.)
      Why cannot they use their talents to expose and use the alternate forms of energy.
      We need to remove ourselves from the dependence on petroleum. This and this alone is above all else the great need for mankind. This type of real break through will smack the elites, and change the worlds economic situation, including wars.
      This objective should be everyone’s concern and all efforts should be made to move in that direction.
      We do not need another device that blows hot air. Also, we do not need to be over there when we have tech that allows us to be there thru video and audio anywhere on the planet. We must use these techs to make the breakthrough to alternate energies. Anything else is just a distraction.

    • A system like this already exist, only its been “Classified” for decades and used exclusively by members of the SSP (Secret Space Program)
      It run all over the world….for 1000’s miles UNDERGROUND!

    • That already exists, in their underground cities. Thats how they are going to travel deep underground from city to city

    • It is wonderful and inspiring to see someone thinking and moving forward despite all of the existing orthodoxies and monopolies!

    • His initial rah-rah is ‘the public _wants_ something new. Uh, _needs_ in this present social and financial miasma have exponential (that’s math too Elon) advantage for society, whereas some multi-billion dollar speed things up even more project is at best a back burner issue. This is just another ‘gee wiz giz, ain’t that cool’ platter of tech distraction.

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